PFB - Watch: Justice Hill Breaks into the End Zone for a Slick TD

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OP News

Feb 17, 2018
Following a breakout performance in his preseason debut, Baltimore Ravens rookie Justice Hill did his best to show he’s no fluke on Thursday night.

The Ravens hosted the Green Bay Packers for Week 2 of their preseason slate and their buzz-worthy rookie running back continued his hot streak finding pay dirt for the first time on NFL turf.

Touchdown @jhill21_

— Baltimore Ravens (@Ravens) August 16, 2019

Watching Justice’s lively feet remain in motion and witnessing his uncanny body control recalls memories of oh so many eye-popping moments from his career at OSU.

Justice followed up his 33 rushing yards on 10 carries (and a titillating third-down catch) from last week by, once again, leading his team in rushing. This time he had 49 yards on 10 carries and that score. The Ravens bested the Packers 26-13.

If you haven’t drafted your fantasy team yet, it might actually be okay to make the homer pick this time.

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