PFB - What Does Lucas N’Guessan’s Departure Mean for OSU’s Long-Term Roster?

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Feb 17, 2018
When the recent announcement came that Lucas N’Guessan was transferring away from Oklahoma State, I was neither surprised nor dismayed. In the short term, this was a fairly unimportant roster move in which a slenderman five that averaged 4.5 points, rebounds, blocks, assists and steals combined will be replaced by (at worst) somebody who can easily match those numbers.

But in the longer term, the move becomes more important. Oklahoma State has a lopsided roster makeup at the moment that includes a glut of freshmen and juniors with just two total seniors and sophomores. Here’s a look at the breakdown by classification. Remember, you get 13 total scholarships per year. OSU is using 11 for the 2018-19 season.

Elgibility up in … 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023
Mike Cunningham Curtis Jones Michael Weathers Kentrevious Jones Kalib Boone
Thomas Dziagwa Maurice Caloo Keylan Boone
Cameron McGriff Duncan Demuth
Lindy Waters Isaaa Likekele
Yor Anei

What N’Guessan’s departure means with the Boone fellas entering next year is that Mike Boynton has a scholarship to play with for 2019-20. This was a problem a month ago, but it’s not now. He could even offer that scholarship for this upcoming school year (highly unlikely) or hand it to a graduate transfer (also very unlikely), but regardless he now has some wiggle room for 2019-20 to land a Big Daddy
high school senior in the 2019 class alongside the Boones that he didn’t have before.

I should also note that he’ll have more than one spot to play with if one of the five freshmen (or someone else) transfers after this upcoming season. That’s a little … odd to talk about, but it also seems sort of likely that not all five freshmen would stick around for Year 2, right? And who would have thought this time last year that Yankuba Sima and Tavarius Shine would have ejected?

School Year Scholarships Available
2018-19 2
2019-20 1
2020-21 5
2021-22 6
2022-23 11

The bottom line here is that while Boynton’s biggest hauls might not come until the 2020 class for the 2020-21 season as the deck gets cleared of Lindy Waters, Cam McGriff, Curtis Jones and Dizzy, there is at least a sandbox to play in before then. And you can bet, Boynton is trying to build the biggest castle possible.

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