St. Pete/Clearwater Ellie Invitational...Cowgirls Softball

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Jul 31, 2012
Near Ardmore, Okla
Cowgirls will be in Florida this upcoming weekend starting on Thursday Feb. 13th. They will play 6 games in four days.

Feb 13th

vs Virginia Tech at 9 will be on ACC network

Extend out the rankings, Va Tech started in 27th. They are coming in with a 4-1. Could be rank this week.

Vs South Florida at 2:30 on ESPN3

SFU start the season at 35....they started the season 0-4. Couple of close is to Michigan in extras.

Feb 14th

Vs Minnesota at 10:30 am on ESPN3

Lady Golphers are pre season rank 7th in the polls. They started the season 3-2. Both L’s came to SEC teams. One of them is Missouri.

vs Missouri at 4:30 on ESPN3

Tigers sit at 32nd in the preseason poll. They should be jumping into the top 25 with a 5-0 record include two teams in the top 30(Minnesota and Baylor)

Feb 15th

vs Alabama at 9:30 am on SEC Network

The pre season top rank team has started off the season on a rough note. Winning the opening game before losing their next 3. They will not be the No. 1 team coming in(then again...they could be cause they are in the SEC) but another highly rank team.

Feb 16th

vs Team USA at 9 am on ESPN3

that right...Team USA....great experience for our ladies.