State of Big 12 Programs over the next 4 seasons

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Oct 13, 2004
I'm sorry guys, but if you don't think the recruiting rankings matter, than you need to take a step back... Are there exceptions? Sure there are but look at the traditional perennial powers and how often they have had 4-5 star talent littered all over the field.

Show me the last time one of these teams had a trash recruiting class. Yet they are winning their conferences over and over and competing at the highest level. If these recruiting rankings didn't matter, than we'd see a 2-3 star team competing every season for the playoff.
Bama, Clemson, uo, Ohio State, Georgia, LSU.
Chicken and the egg...
Traditional powers sign high rated classes...this has always been the case...some traditional powers sign high rated classes yet they annually underperform those class in point Texas. Some teams sign lower rated classes yet routinely out preform those class in point Oklahoma State. Point being, IMHO players being five stars and four stars and three stars to start is only as important as is their development...Everyone wants to start with guys who may require less development, that is if they aren't prima-Madona's to begin with and are willing to accept coaching...No one said recruiting isn't important, but I do think some have made the point that it's perhaps overvalued. Otherwise we would never have had 2011with a bunch of walk on's and three stars.

It also stands to reason that traditional powers have far more going for them than simply recruiting...
They have tradition of excellence
They have huge (80,000plus) gameday fanbases that come to all the games and create huge home advantages
They have great coaches that are paid TOP dollars
They have excellent facilities.
They have the full and complete backing of the schools to a fault
They have members of their ranks that are involved in the decisions of the CFP and the refs and the conferences and just about every aspect of the NCAA and it's member schools.

Point being, the system is in place to keep the traditional powers in a money making position for the system...this is systemic yet maybe unplanned. The CFP simply enforces the blue blood bias and it's extremely hard to breach their walls. They are set up NOT to fail, certainly recruiting is a part of it, but many feel it's an overvalued part...vastly so, perhaps, when compared to team systems and development.
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Aug 16, 2019
Edmond, Oklahoma
I think he is committed--to a degree.
Baylor is a power 5 school with good facilities in a talent rich state whose flagship university isnt all that great.

He and Campbell both stay put unless a PSU/Ohio State/NFL job opens, or a team with potential, like FSU, backs a brinks truck up to his house.

FSU spent 17 million to fire Taggert, and then tried to get a good power 5 coach on the cheap.

They wouldnt even pay mark Stoops to leave Ky. Wouldnt pay campbell to jump from a stable situation into a rebuild where the last coach was fired in the middle of his 2nd season.

Coaches like Rhule, Campbell, mark Stoops at ky have stable jobs making millions. None of them are jumping into a frying pan unless they get paid to take the risk.
He was one of three finalists for the New York Jets job last season so we will see how committed to Baylor he is.