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OP 9000

A/V Subscriber
Oct 13, 2003
Stillwater, OK
We had integrated Stripe into the previous OP site using a 3rd party plug-in. This plug-in was buggy and instead of just renewing subscriptions each month, it would actually resubscribe people entirely. So in month 1, you'd get charged once. In month 2, you'd get charged twice, and in month 3, three times...etc.

The XF 2.0 upgrade has Stripe payment built-in as a feature and we've removed the plug-in.

I've refunded ALL duplicate charges and cancelled ALL Stripe re-occurring subscriptions that singed up using the old system.

So for the 41 or so of you using Stripe, you'll need to re-sub when your subscription runs out. And it's now safe to do so using Stripe without the extra charges.