Texas announces an additional 1000 National Guard troops to be sent to border

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Aug 31, 2007
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This announcement by Gov Abbot comes after a group of Doctors and Attorneys released their report today they observed in a detention facility in Clint Texas with over a dozen children detained who had the Flu who were not being treated.

~250 teens and younger children detained in areas with no adult supervision.

The doctors said the infants, children and teens were living in conditions without adequate food, water, and sanitation and had been locked in enclosures for weeks without be allowed out of the enclosure.

The doctors said they observed young girls taking care of a sick 2 year old boy who didn't have diapers and they told the doctors they hadn't been able to bathe in weeks. They also told the doctors their meals were uncooked frozen foods

Abbot said the National Guard troops he is sending will be paid for by the Federal Govt and will assist in detention facilities and at ports of entry