Thanksgiving weekend big 12 games

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Mar 21, 2005
In the scenario I was describing we need WVU to upset ISU and then would likely lose to OU creating a 3-way tie for 4th between Texas, WVU and K-State. Records against TCU would be the likely tie-breaker.

Current records against TCU:
Texas 0-1 (eliminated)
WVU 1-0 (owns head-to-head over K-State)
K-State 1-0 (eliminated in head-to-head)

WVU doesn't help us in our tie-breaker.
A West Virginia win over Iowa State and a loss to Oklahoma would make the Mountaineers 5-4 in the Big 12.
A Kansas State win over Texas would make both teams 5-4 (assuming Texas beats Kansas).
There would then be a three-way tie for first-place in the Big 12 (Oklahoma, Oklahoma State and Iowa State at 7-2) and a three-way tie for fourth-place (West Virginia, Texas and Kansas State at 5-4) in the Big 12.
Per the Big 12 tiebreaker rules, ‘If more than a two-way tie exists among the remaining teams in the conference standings, the record against the collective tied teams as a group will be used.’ Oklahoma, Iowa State and Oklahoma State would be 2-1 against the teams tied for fourth.
Next in line in the Big 12 tiebreaker rules is scoring differential among the teams tied. Oklahoma is +21 against Iowa State and Oklahoma State. Iowa State is +4 and Oklahoma State is -17.
Oklahoma and Iowa State would be the Big 12 Championship teams even with an Iowa State loss to West Virginia.
If Texas beats Kansas State, this scenario with an Iowa State loss to West Virginia becomes moot. The Longhorns would become the fourth-ranked team and Oklahoma and Iowa State would also be the Big 12 Championship teams.

So basically Oklahoma State would be eliminated unless Oklahoma loses another game. Our only hope hinges on OU losing to Baylor or WV. Otherwise we lose on all tiebreaker scenarios if we’re tied with isu and ou at 7-2.


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Aug 11, 2011
Personally I'm for us winning out and then anything else that could happen to make sure that we finish first in the conference with ISU second. Don't know if that's possible Don't know what it would take if it is possible but that's what I would love to see happen.

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