Tiger King

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Jul 25, 2018
Boulder, CO
Who's seen it on Netflix?

Finished it last night, & wow, what a weird story.

I was aware of Joe Exotic, used to drive by his billboards on I-35 all the time, knew he'd run for Governor, but talk about a weird dude!

Immediate takeaways for me were: what an absolute cesspool the world of exotic animal farms are (already suspected that), & he sorta got railroaded & conned by a couple of ex-convicts he trusted & brought into his operation.

Not sure there were any winners in this whole story.
Nov 8, 2007
Just finished episode 5. I've been to Joe's park a couple of times, and yeah...the staff all have a VERY creepy vibe to them.

I think the quote from episode 1 sums them all up perfectly "big cat people are on another level".


Federal Marshal
Nov 27, 2004
Edmond Oklahoma
When I met my wife 20 years ago, she was going to school and working at Southern Agriculture in Tulsa. She knew a couple of big cat people over on that side of the state. A dude named Safari Joe and his ex-wife who also had her own sanctuary. They were both all bleach blond and tanned and the guy had a long pony tail. They looked every bit the part like all the people in this documentary. We got to take a trip out to the ex-wife's place on one of their closed days and go see the cats up close and personal. It was pretty crazy just being on the other side of a chain link fence from them.