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Johnny 8ball's PR Manager
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Oct 16, 2003
Katy, TX
Don't know. I suspect something about Zero getting some kind of surveillance help.
I looked it up, Italy PM fired 6 high level intelligence officials. Apparently this Prof. Joseph Misfud that disappeared after FBI interviewed him has been hiding in Rome and allegedly has ties to Italian Intel Agencies, FBI and CIA. Papdopoulos pleaded to lying under oath about when he met Misfud and spent 2 weeks in jail for it. At the time Misfud was reported in the news to be a Russian Agent.

Papadopoulos saying US found out he was hiding in Rome, Trump called PM Conte to ask why they didn't tell us when they know we are looking for him and few days later the Intel chiefs are fired. Former Rome Chief of Station says it all leads back to Brennan.