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Aug 11, 2011
Seriously?? If drones then they are probably only filming. And gun owners protesting at the Capitol, is not "white nationalists" going to "storm the Capitol". Besides, in some of these protests, I've seen people that weren't white men. They do exist in Virginia and some of them do own guns.

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Deere Poke

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Feb 13, 2014
Bixby-Bristow OK
She was forced into this by the radical left elements of the party (which are now the mainstream elements of the party), despite her best efforts to avoid it...she's smart enough to know how this is going to go in the should have never happened and she knows it....I'd probably drink too.

Not that I feel sorry for's under her watch that the party has drifted so far to the radical left that facts are no longer important and only the fake narrative matters....reap what you sow.
Did you see her speech for Obama Care all those years ago, she was drunk for that one too.


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Dec 21, 2011
So painful.

This person here sums my opinion up

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I thought this was one of those fake videos when someone adds/changes what a person says or how they speak but after quick research I think it is real :lol:


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Sep 9, 2007
Piedmont, OK
Warthog got put in twitter-time out for his response to this.
I'm gonna break this down 1 sentence at a time:

I've talked to my 5-year-old niece about my work and abortion in an age-appropriate way. There is no age appropriate way for talking to a 5yo about ending a life. They still don't even have a grasp on the concept of what death actually is.
She understands that kids are a handful and sometimes people don't want to be pregnant. If people don't want to get pregnant, then don't participate (or show some responsibility in how you participate) in the act that's biological purpose is to create a child.
She gets it because it's quite simple. You think she gets it because you have the intellect of a 5yo...

Does that pretty well sum it up?