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Territorial Marshal
Feb 7, 2005
Sammamish, Washington.Dallas, Texas.Maui, Hawaii
I think it would work. Eventually those in there will die off. I think they would pass it just to get half us off their backs yipping about it. With enough pressure from voters, the parties would have to accept it or those state’s in agreement would block those against it from serving in power positions. It’s has to change, that and how we run our public education. We will not survive if we keep the present course.


Territorial Marshal
Aug 11, 2011
My question is; how much money was spent for somebody to actually research and test which camouflage pattern works best for space.

This may be the stupidest thing Trump has done and the worst part is, it will never go will be an extra unneeded federal expense until the end of time.
If you read it, it says new name plates. I would say these are either army or air force existing camo style with different patches.

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