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Aug 11, 2011
All of these people trying to say Trump didn't do enough....

Nikki Haley:
"Let’s be clear: The WHO delayed calling the virus a health emergency and then criticized U.S. travel restrictions placed on China. The WHO was trying to save China its embarrassment. And still, China wouldn’t cooperate transparently with the WHO."

Random Twitter troll:
"China didn't botch the US response. Trump, Trump media, and the Trump GOP did that with denialism and inaction.

You cost us 3 PRECIOUS MONTHS and now we're sending our healthcare warriors into battle without weapons or gear."

3 months ago was December 26.
China and WHO downplayed the virus.
The first China reported death was Jan. 11th I believe.
China didn't do a lock-down if Wuhan until Jan. 23rd.
Trump restricted travel Jan. 31.

Here's a timeline of some of the things Trump did to respond.

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