UT-NFL RB Cedric Benson dies in motorcycle accident

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Jan 1, 2011
Benson finished his time at the University of Texas as the sixth-leading rusher in NCAA history with 5,540 rushing yards and the second-leading rusher in Texas history. The consensus All-American won the 2004 Doak Walker Award, which honors the top running back in college football.

The Texas product was taken by the Bears with the fourth pick in the 2005 draft. He spent three years with Chicago before joining the Bengals, where he put up three consecutive 1,000-yard seasons from 2009-11. Benson spent the 2012 season with the Packers, where he suffered a foot fracture during his final professional season. The Texas native finished his NFL career with 6,017 yards and 32 touchdowns.

Aug 16, 2012
I grew up riding motorcycles, but I won't own one now. Too many bad things can happen on them.
Hear you. I was on a motorcycle almost exclusively from 15 to 19. No desire to be a statistic now. Hell, look at the almost dozens riders in New England that were wiped out by a single idiot driver.


Territorial Marshal
Jul 13, 2004
Denver, CO
I had never been interested in motorcycles,. My uncles rode, and both had bad accidents that were close brushes with death. One used to tell me "don't even get on a bike unless you are willing to lay it down when someone pulls in front of you, lose your skin to save your life". My mom made me promise (before I was old enough to understand) that I would never ride a motorcycle until she was dead so she wouldn't have to worry. I never understood the desire to ride.

Then when my wife and I were dinks I bought her a little 50cc scooter. Even just that was so much fun to ride! Now I feel like I get it, at least a little bit. I definitely have a better understanding and more grace for riders. Still want to slash the tires of those guys with bikes that are designed to be as loud and annoying as possible...