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Thayer Evans – Just the Facts

Sep 19, 2013
Thayer Evans – Just the Facts
  • Thayer Evans is a sports writer who has bounced around between multiple jobs, mostly blogging, but who has taken an interest in particular in writing articles where he attempts to bring negative attention to Oklahoma State University. This page is a reference meant to gather factual information about Mr. Evans and his inaccurate reporting to utilize as a reference for those not familiar with him. It is not meant as a place to slander the slanderer.

    • Putnam City High School – 1996?
    • Putnam City West High School – 1998?
    • Bartlesville Wesleyan College – ????-????
    • OU Insider -- 2002-2003 (reference)
    • Sooners Illustrated Writer -- 2003-2006 (reference)
    • Tulsa World – Part time employee (reference) / intern (reference)
    • Houston Chronicle
    • New York Times – Freelance writer/blogger (reference)
    • Fox Sports – Blogger 2011-2012 (reference)
    • Sports Illustrated – Investigative Reporter (reference) 2012-present

    Articles Targeting Rivals of University of Oklahoma

    Evans is perhaps best known for his pieces targeting The University of Texas and Oklahoma State University. Specific Articles and their inaccuracies are listed below:
    • Man refuses to talk with investigators (Oklahoma State)
      • Questionably timed article, reported old news right before Fiesta Bowl.
    • The Dirty Game (Links to part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)
      • Coauthored and "researched" 5 part series of rumors, hearsay, and innuendo targeting the Oklahoma State University football program.
    Other Questionable Journalism

    Below are additional articles where Evans has shown a penchant for questionable practices.

    Personal Issues
    Thayer's ex-wife was forced to file a restraining order in 2009. (reference)
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