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    Gundy’s comments today

    The WHO was saying that there was human-to-human transmission on Jan. 23, less than a month after the cluster of “pneumonia,” which was later identified as coronavirus, was reported.
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    The difference in the media

    Daylight Saving Time begins this weekend. So far today, the DOW is down 700 points.
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    Tweet of the Day

    In 2012, the GOP took a week to report results. It might be time to reconsider the caucus as a process. This year, there will have to be what amounts to a recount, but Iowa caucuses can’t have paper ballots because that would make it too similar in appearance to a primary and New Hampshire has...
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    Tweet of the Day

    You realize, of course, that both main political parties in Iowa make their presidential candidate choice through caucus. This election cycle, the GOP candidate is not in a close race, but it is the same process.
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    Life after Trump

    There’s not much need to worry about life after Trump. He is the prophecied red heifer that foretells of the rapture.
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    Big Monday should be interesting next week

    It’s a bit sad that the Kansas State players displayed an almost total lack of decorum. Hasn’t anyone ever explained to them that you’re supposed to yield the floor to the speaker who holds the chair?
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    OU is not a blue blood

    I just stopped by one of the OU message boards. There’s a thread titled, “Football changes MUST be made.”
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    How is Oklahoma doing as a state?

    Though Oklahoma has always been considered a more religious state, church membership and attendance has declined. But after new laws go into effect Nov. 1, there’s at least a possibility that more people will be in the pews. Pew! Pew! Pew!
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    A different perspective of the game . .

    Wait! It’s like chess in five dimensions! You can’t see the genius of Gundy because you rarely listen to the Fifth Dimension!
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    DMN -- No one is picking OSU to win versus Texas

    Convince Mike Gundy to get a decent haircut.
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    Trump fires John Bolton

    At least Robert O’Brien, Trump’s pick to replace Bolton, was able to bring one of our hostages home from Sweden!
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    Trump fires John Bolton

    I’m pretty sure that Bolton was fired to open up a position for North Korea expert Dennis Rodman.
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    Why are we trying to buy Greenland?

    Even God had other writers create His book. And “Art of the Deal” was published long before Trump’s apotheosis.
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    Why are we trying to buy Greenland?

    Our president is a spoiled child who is prone to tantrums.
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    Oklahoman cuts OSU reporter position

    A sad statement on journalism in general and The Oklahoman in particular: A reporter accepted a position to cover the Cowboys, only to have that opportunity yanked away.