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  1. CaptainEric

    An Invitation for Cowboys Coming to Morgantown

    Thanks for the invite, but I won't be making the trip to Morgantown this year.
  2. CaptainEric

    So you're saying there's a chance . . .

    If this were to happen it would be Rapelor and one of UT or OSU in the Championship Game, depending on what Texass does. It would be UT vs Rapelor if UT wins 2 and Rapelor loses 2, along with the other wins/losses you mentioned. Wow, there could be a 5 way tie for 1st with all teams at 6-3...
  3. CaptainEric

    So you're saying there's a chance . . .

    I think you missed this part down here. Still... it looks like we're playing for 3rd in the conference and we'll need some teams to lose for that to happen.
  4. CaptainEric

    Bedlam game 7pm kickoff

  5. CaptainEric

    Mason v. Baker Tonight

    LOL!!! Let's see. Cross checking and slashing both occur when one player willing hits another with his stick. Occurs way, way more than fighting. Then include high sticking (usually unintentional, but not always), spearing, and butt ending. There are also so other penalties that occur when one...
  6. CaptainEric

    Week 11 Big 12 Power Rankings

    Except Alabma doesn't deserve it. Their defense gives up more yards per play than OU's. Right now, I would say the champs from the ACC, B1G, PAC12, and SEC.
  7. CaptainEric

    Max Duggan - TCu from IOWA 4*

    And evidently it's worse than that! "After suffering their 4th loss of the season at the hands of the Oklahoma State Cowboys, the Frogs come back home to more bad news as starting QB Max Duggan is out due to injury, backup...
  8. CaptainEric

    Chuba's 18 scoring runs....

  9. CaptainEric

    Big 12 Players of the Week

    Almost a sweep,
  10. CaptainEric

    Chuba's 18 scoring runs....

    The key to those runs, obviously aside from Chuba's speed, was the linemen getting to the second level to block. After that, he gone. On both of those plays I started waving once he got past the linebackers. Where's our "get away from the cops speed" announcer when you need him?
  11. CaptainEric

    The next 3 games will define our season...

    Yes, I agree. What a turn of events if it were to happen. Hey all we can do is take care of our games.
  12. CaptainEric

    Official Game Thread: TCU vs. Oklahoma State

    Just get the clipboard size. :) Then you can rest your beer on it too.
  13. CaptainEric

    Max Duggan - TCu from IOWA 4*

  14. CaptainEric

    Max Duggan - TCu from IOWA 4*

    I wonder if Cumbie yelled at Fatterson and asked him why he ran that stupid defensive play?
  15. CaptainEric

    The next 3 games will define our season...

    The comment was Rapelor and us to win out; and KSU to lose one game. If you look at the remaining schedule it would take more than that and we'd still finish 2nd.