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  1. Chunks

    Pat Forde

    Forde is a douche. That should end any argument there, but...
  2. Chunks

    No students, no sports

    Pretty damn stupid for a virus with a survival rate in the US of 99.983%. Estimates of greater than 96% of Italian deaths had known comorbidities. In hindsight it was probably one of the biggest overreactions to a virus in world history. I believe it to be politically motivated and media driven...
  3. Chunks

    NCAA grants year of eligibility back to spring sports athletes

    Exactly... Everyone acts like there is not seniors as every school. Furthermore, just because they are seniors, doesn’t mean that they are going to soak up all of the playing time. If the incoming freshman are good enough to see the action, they’ll play.
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    George W. Bush coming back to OSU to throw first pitch

    Baba Booey must have been booked.
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    B1G & ACC: Both Support One Time Transfer Rule

    I’m a fan. It’s absolutely stupid that they have an arbitrary process in which a player summits an appeal based on their situation and the NCAA determines if you get penalized or not. Furthermore, a coach can bring a guy in and leave at a drop of a hat without penalty and the kids that came to...
  7. Chunks

    First time in Cowboy Country

    The only thing that annoys me is that there are things you can get at the chain Hideaways that you can’t get at the original. 1. 50/50 shrooms and cheese sticks 2. The Boz. Terrible name, fantastic pizza.
  8. Chunks

    Corn Dog should see some action today.

    Aaron Murray out of the game today, TC up.
  9. Chunks

    Big Monday should be interesting next week

    Meh, it’s a rivalry game. I’ve seen so many times in rivalry games where the leading team looks to dribble it out then puts up a shot before the buzzer. I have no problem with the KSU play or the KU block if that’s where it ended, no biggie, it’s competition. The taunt is where it becomes a...
  10. Chunks

    Chu Ba !!! ??

    It’s f*cking gross that people like you would rather be right than happy for a program that you say you’re a fan of.
  11. Chunks

    Chu Ba !!! ??

    CFL highest paid player is $500k. NFL minimum is $480k. CFL can not compete with NFL for players with money. Also, yes it matters to players to play in NFL as opposed to CFL even if they could leverage it for more money.
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    Chu Ba !!! ??

    This! Also, most that retuned, improved their draft stock. Everyone arguing that he has nothing to gain and everything to lose have ignored our history on this. Off the very top of my head it worked out well for Gilbert, Okung, Weeden, Blackmon, etc. On the flip side, you have Stewart and...
  13. Chunks

    2020 Running backs

    From a fan’s perspective, I really don’t understand why other fans come on here to argue why a player “should” go pro. As fan/alumnus of Oklahoma State, I want what is best for the Oklahoma State program. I want to be in the best position to win bedlam, to win a B12 championship, to have a shot...
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    OSU Coaching changes thread

    I mean it’s entirely possible they a positional coach at OSU could make more money than a coordinator at UNLV. So I wouldn’t be surprised if he stayed on as a positional coach possibly with more responsibility but not necessarily the OC / CO-OC. I’d imagine with the return of Wallace and...
  15. Chunks

    Herman Cleans House