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  1. CowboySterk

    Dream BB Line Up Next year

    I think next year will provide the depth needed to see where Boynton is as a coach. I wouldn't be surprised to see lots of unique lineups, like small ball, two points, legnth, speed, 3 shooters, etc. The guys we are bringing in have a ton of versatility, and we may snag another good guy or two...
  2. CowboySterk

    You Think We Lost Some Players....

    Maybe it's in too much flux right now, but I'd love to see a lost of D1 schools with transfer numbers in football from the past year to see how we stack up.
  3. CowboySterk

    AD to OKC?

    As salty as NOLA is, I don't think they'll deal AD to the Lakers no matter what, lol. I also like the Thunder's young talent better than the Lakers, but I'm not sure they have draft picks worth as much. Boston takes the cake on draft picks, and also has good talent. I honestly don't see Boston...
  4. CowboySterk

    Signing Day Part 2

    I disagree entirely. I was on campus for the Miles to Gundy transition. Miles won when he was here, but he took a lot of talented players that should not have been on campus. (We also had some guys that did deserve to be on campus.) Due to this, all of the momentum Miles created was lost when he...
  5. CowboySterk

    Signing Day Part 2

    The Big XII has changed drastically since Les left OSU. I don't think his power I offense can keep up with the scoring. Add in that it's Kansas who hasn't had any success recently, plus Les' age, and I think Kansas made another horrible hire. A lot of people credit Les Miles for building the...
  6. CowboySterk

    AD to OKC?

    :P keep saying it will not, maybe then it will!
  7. CowboySterk

    AD to OKC?

    My first reaction to Anthony Davis to OKC was, "No way!" BUT, I remember it being a silly dream with Paul George. Can Presti work magic again? He's shown he will make risky trades for overall talent. I think everyone is possible trade bait for AD except for Russ, PG, and Adams. If that doesn't...
  8. CowboySterk

    Good win last night!

    No doubt, when we play D, we are formidable.
  9. CowboySterk

    Basketball tryouts

    I agree with your assessments. From 2003-2007, I was in school and played pickup. The quality of pickup bball was very high. When the actual bball players played you noticed a huge difference. The physicality of guys like David Monds was insane, and the speed of the guards was unreal. I even had...
  10. CowboySterk

    Does anyone care about the Thunder forum?

    This Tweet makes me wonder if we might let Roberson go for someone less expensive. They would have to give up more salary than they take on in any trades to make financial sense. I can't believe our tax is higher than the Warriors. Next year is shaping up with the Warriors not likely to be able...
  11. CowboySterk

    Does anyone care about the Thunder forum?

    Makes me wonder if Robes might be on the trade block after he gets healthy. He makes $10mil a year, is the best wing defender in the league, but the extended time off won't help his offense woes. It would be great to get a good 3 and D guy like Ariza for the likes of Robes/Abrines or something...
  12. CowboySterk

    Baylor Thread (Big 12 Sanctions Added)

    Osupsycho is right, they announced a month or two ago that they are no longer with holding pay from Baylor.
  13. CowboySterk

    Does anyone care about the Thunder forum?

    I think the Thunder injuries and quiet moves have given us something we've never seen: Depth. It's alarming Roberson had another set back, but his injury along with several ankle rolls and illnesses, plus Westbrook out a bit, has given lots of extra minutes to guys. Shroeder and Noel are...
  14. CowboySterk

    Lincoln Riley's belly tattoo

    Someone tweet Lincoln and Gundy to meet at midfield after the game. Loser has to show belly and get one good belly slap from winner.