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  1. CowboyVenus

    BYU, Cincy, Houston, UCF will join B12 07/23

    I don't believe having OU and Texas in the Big 12 for 2024 is worth a $160 million so I could rationalize a lower amount.
  2. CowboyVenus

    BYU, Cincy, Houston, UCF will join B12 07/23

    There will probably be a negotiated lower buyout. There is a win-win number for one year less that works.
  3. CowboyVenus

    Coach Kenny

    This discussion with Gundy is absolutely moronic. What Kenny G has done would be similar to when Les Miles came in but if Miles was sending us to BCS games annually starting in his fourth year and without Boone's money coming in. This conversation isn't even apples to oranges when comparing...
  4. CowboyVenus

    Coach Kenny

    You are completely wrong. He has turned softball into at minimum a top 8 program in six years without good facilities. Kenny G is stealing the best talent in the state away from Oklahoma. Tallen Edwards the best player in the state and #3 player in the 2023 class reclassified to be in...
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    COWGIRLS SOFTBALL: Regionals edition

    It is kinda crazy how close it got to us being the highest ranked seed on our side of the bracket.
  6. CowboyVenus

    OSU at DBU Tuesday

    I could see justification for frustration even though by definition they weren't blown saves in a few other games: Sam Houston: we had a runner on third in the bottom of the 9th with one out and fell a part in the 10th. Gonzaga: we had runners on second and third in the bottom of the 9th with...
  7. CowboyVenus

    OSU at Texas Baseball

    Only thing is that Justin Campbell isn't losing to SEMO after his last outing.
  8. CowboyVenus

    #6 OSU Baseball at Kansas State

    My jinxing power came in hot. Now tied 7-7
  9. CowboyVenus

    #6 OSU Baseball at Kansas State

    Looking like the Sooners are going to take the series against Texas. UT is not starting off well in conference play.
  10. CowboyVenus

    Wrestling Championships

    CARR LOST!!!! WOW!!
  11. CowboyVenus

    B12 Wrestling

    Assistant AD of it. Gary Calcagno is in charge of wrestling and Rob works with him on it.
  12. CowboyVenus

    COWGIRLS SOFTBALL Preseason rankings

    The last three series against UT, FSU, and OU is insane. It’s going to be awesome to see how we stack up against three WCWS level teams
  13. CowboyVenus

    2021 DC Replacement Thread

    Just bring on GP at like 800k and give 300k to each Ryan to be analyst. I would pay a lot of money to listen to those convos.
  14. CowboyVenus

    Week 12 rankings CFP #7 coaches, 7 AP

    More realistic they are 8 after tOSU wrecks UM.
  15. CowboyVenus

    Cowboy Baseball

    Any idea when we usually see the schedule drop? I'm getting tickets this year once they open them up in December but would like to at least know the schedule.