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  1. crimsonhater

    Football 2021 General Recruiting Thread

    The comment before my post was saying someone like him would be hard to keep. They were right.
  2. crimsonhater

    Football 2021 General Recruiting Thread

  3. crimsonhater

    Inviting Former Players Back

    My opinions NFL Path B- Coach Relationship B+ Player relationship B+ Location D Winning Team A- Offense A Defense B- Avg B-. About where we are in recruiting and overall success. That second tier off that top 10-15 teams. Comfortably in that 20-30 range. Can’t change location but adding more to...
  4. crimsonhater

    Inviting Former Players Back

    look at Gundys office with all his NFL players jerseys in the background. Now look at how many photos there are with these players... Perish Cox Dez Okung Morency Bell Pettigrew Plus our troubled players Randle Tyreek Hill Blackmon Gilbert I really feel that about 5yrs ago he was feeling the...
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    TBT - The Basketball Tournament - Stillwater Stars!

    What seemed like an awesome opportunity fizzles out already. Losing half our team killed us. Big 12 style perimeter ball killed us vs a big physical Philly team. Man I hate losing
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    Statement from Holder on football

    Gundy has gotten complacent. This is a tremendous opportunity to tighten things up a bit. Won’t happen overnight but showing these kids you love them more than just showing you care for them will make this team closer. Close teams battle for championships
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    Eddie film

    Would’ve loved to hear about the patchwork 2004 team with JL3, Graham’s, Tony and Bobik. So many played in the NBA it would’ve be awesome to hear his influence on them getting there after all having different paths to Stillwater. Having Tony or John Lucas talk would’ve added more of a national...
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    2020 MBB General Recruiting Thread

    Donovan Williams in STW!!! LETS WORK
  9. crimsonhater

    Cowboy Baseball

    Will they put out a lineup in the morning? Don’t really wanna go if no osu guys play...thanks
  10. crimsonhater

    Cowboy Baseball love when you guys find these kind of articles. Behind doesn’t have the hooplah with recruiting and there’s a lot of players in and out every year but I enjoy following it! I still...
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    Cowboy Baseball

    Isn’t it great?! Lol
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    Cowboy Baseball

    Leeper coming back? Another year with that healed up arm could help us seal games
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    How OSU becomes a title contender (ESPN)

    Brennan Presley will get a chance at returning I assume. He is an electric playmaker similar to josh Stewart. Has some Barry-esque balance & vision in his hilight clips
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    OSU Men's Basketball banned from postseason for 2020-21

    BIG QUESTION... Donovan Williams mentioned needs to make a decision in 25 days. Is that the deadline to enroll? So say this appeal takes over a month, Cade will be forced to make a decision. Reasons he stays: 1) loyal to Coach for recruiting him FIRST and for four total years AND giving his...