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  1. Cro

    So it was Gundy . . . . .

    no, i guarantee, no one but you dropped their jaw........
  2. Cro

    Baseball vs Little Rock

    team is gelling and strikeouts seem to be dropping. would love to see Cab back asap, but this lineup is raking. good to see some new blood on the mound have success
  3. Cro

    Wrestling Pokes @ Iowa - Sunday - 7pm - Big Ten Network

    imo, anytime a poster starts listing off his OSU season ticket resume to try and prove they're a better fan than someone else - anything they say loses all credibility.........
  4. Cro

    Baseball vs UTRGV

    agree 100%
  5. Cro

    MBB: Cowboys WIN 83-66 Against the Oklahoma Sooners. HCMB 4-6 last 6 games. Next up #1 KU on Monday

    wow, you're just a ray of sunshine aren't ya?...............:facepalm:
  6. Cro

    First time in Cowboy Country

    i get the dagwood also. it's great
  7. Cro

    OSU baseball at Arizona State

    i totally agree. for college students they did really well, imo.........
  8. Cro

    Kenny G!! (Cowgirl softball)

    he was originally a sooner........... what'd you expect?
  9. Cro

    OSU baseball at Arizona State

    Standlee pitched a gem! I don't care if Roger Clemens is on the mound, 18 strikeouts in 1 game in unacceptable. If Cab can keep it going and play the way everyone thinks/knows he can - that would be huge for this team..........
  10. Cro

    2020 Cowboy Baseball says tomorrow night's game in on the grand canyon youtube channel also........
  11. Cro

    Thanks Coach Boynton for putting in such hard work!!

    LOL.... no, not a boomer. i was at OSU when the "whole internet thing" came around. kind of ironic you accuse someone else of being frustrated. maybe you should go reread some of your own posts.......
  12. Cro

    2020 Cowgirls Softball

    i wonder if we can see the OSU game/SEC+ through ESPN+?
  13. Cro

    Thanks Coach Boynton for putting in such hard work!!

    nope. i'm not a holder fan at all, I think i've made that perfectly clear. i was obviously referring to the fact that you have plenty of complaints but never any solutions. you've been posed many a question on here about replacements, etc, and everytime you ignore or deflect. i suppose it's...
  14. Cro

    Thanks Coach Boynton for putting in such hard work!!

    only bitches, gripes and complaints - never any suggestions or solutions................ dodge and deflect.... right on cue, birry...:rolleyes:
  15. Cro

    Soooo, This Baseball Scandal....

    Bauer is just a weird dude. It's obvious why he would rub people the wrong way. The Astros players will get sh!t all year from fans and opposing players alike, and deservedly so. I'd be all in on Clevinger drilling Bregman in the kidney......