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    2020 US Amateur

    Aman's match starts at 3:30 today. Golf Channel coverage starts at 6:00.
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    2020 US Amateur

    Aman won 5&3 in his match this afternoon. Quarterfinals tomorrow. It was on Golf Channel this afternoon don’t know what tomorrow’s schedule is. Bandon Dunes looked pretty brutal today.
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    Seahawks Waive Rookie Caught Trying To Sneak Visitor Into Team Hotel

    Was the Fox even open 30 years ago? I can’t remember when it closed.
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    2020 US Amateur

    Aman Gupta finished 5th in the stroke play portion and had won his first 2 matches in match play to reach the round of 16. He goes again at 4:00 this afternoon. Eckroat and Neergaard-Peterson also played but missed the cut in stroke play.
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    OSU Masks

    Nailed it!
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    PGA Championship 2020

    The three OSU guys were a combined 12 under today. Everyone finished strong.
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    2020 Fall Camp thread

    Illingsworth looks like a grown man out there.
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    PGA Championship 2020

    Wyndham Clark has a 4:04 tee time
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    City of Stillwater thread

    Coupons from the O’Colly
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    City of Stillwater thread

    Is that where Mexico Joes started out?
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    Playing KU twice (or NDSU)?

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    Big-12 games cancelled by Big-10/Pac-12 decision.

    OSU did release a statement that they are looking for a school to replace Oregon State on the schedule.
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    Better start looking for a Sept 3rd opponent...

    There are very few millennials in college, except in grad school.
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    Rocket Mortgage Classic - Golf

    And Jim Furyk. "It works for him." Also the pairings for the first 2 rounds this weekend were released and Rickie and Wolff are paired together along with Fatprick Reed. That ought to be a fun group.
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    a real chance

    They can't practice until August just like always. They can have organized workouts without the coaches.