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    Cowgirl Basketball 2020-21 Season

    Who is KB?
  2. DemBoys

    Braylin Presley committed to OSU!

    I am optimistic that you guys will leave Shawn alone.
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    ORU at OSU baseball

    6:00 tonight. Is Osmond starting tonight?
  4. DemBoys

    UNCW at OSU baseball

    In Brock Martin’s defense he is a football and wrestling guy so I can see why he struggles at the plate.
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    Assistant coach Cannen Cunningham is moving on to help manage Cade's Career

    It is not like we would not have been paying someone else to fill that spot. We probably got a bargain.
  6. DemBoys

    The Masters

    Wolff missed the cut by about 10 strokes so it was not a big deal in this instance.
  7. DemBoys

    The Masters

    Vik eagles 15 and birdies 16 and 17 to finish at -1.
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    OSU golf wins

    OSU men’s team won the Augusta Haskins tournament this weekend. Third win for the season.
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    Shaka Smart to Marquette

    Unless a few portal/draft guys decide to return OU’s cupboard is quite bare. They only have 7 guys coming back and only 2 or 3 contributed. He is going to have to hit a home run in the portal or they will be at the bottom of the league next year.
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    Shaka Smart to Marquette

    Shaka is originally from Wisconsin. I don't know if he saw that the cupboard was going be bare next season and decided to bail early.
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    Spring practice
  12. DemBoys

    Spring practice

    A little spring football info
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    2021 NCAA Wrestling Championship: Megathread!

    There are some Stanford kids available.
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    Loyal & True. Cowboy Basketball 20’-21’ Season Ends in a Second Round Exit against Oregon State. Pokes Finish 21-9 Overall. Proud and Immortal #NewEra

    The Beavers big man appears to be a big lumbering oaf who didn’t score or rebound much during the regular season. Which sets him up perfectly to go off on us tonight.
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    Les Miles....Done

    The fictional character was “Chester the Molester”. And his name is Leslie.