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  1. leprechaun7

    Orange Peel - 1999 - 2004

    2004 - Jim Breuer, The Walkmen, Incubus Was a senior in high school and loved it, then the 2005 Foo Fighters-turned-Jason Mraz, Lit and Pablo Francisco sh*teshow ensued as I was a bright-eyed freshman
  2. leprechaun7

    Orange Power Tailgate - TCU

    Finally making it to my first game in Stillwater this season (made it to Tulsa), I'll see you all Saturday!
  3. leprechaun7

    Austin Recommendations

    Zilker Brewery
  4. leprechaun7

    A/V subscription issues

    @CasperPoke11 I believe I am running into the same issue as the folks above, however it's only been a couple hours--not sure if there is a bit of lag time involved.
  5. leprechaun7

    Football 2019 Ath Daxton Hill

    Aaaaand back to Michigan.