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    Can Boynton get the trifecta?

    Kentucky fans thought "OsU would be punished and under investigation" . I don't want to sound like the Cats.
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    Can Boynton get the trifecta?

    For Bryce Thompson, Kansas is his blood connection. Dad trusts Bill Self. We have to respect that.
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    2020 MBB General Recruiting Thread

    Cut/paste from Kansas forum: SuperMarioFor3 Posted on 8 hrs, , User Since 82 months ago, User Post Count: 4,169 8 hrs 82 months 4,169 I was pretty confident we would land him but after OSU signed Cade Cunningham I have had this feeling that he is going to end up in Stoolwater
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    Football 2020 TE Price Daube Committed to OSU

    Hopefully the Price is really right this time. Still under the radar type player. .Not yet rated and not much data on him but with Good height and size for a TE.
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    My dreams are slowly coming true

    The gentleman Paul Hansen was hard to dislike. Leroy Combs, Matt Clark, Lorenza Andrew and Raymond Crenshaw (Bill Self was on the bench mostly) won the Big 8 Championship on the road in KC
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    My dreams are slowly coming true

    Football will ensure other programs are well funded. Football will dictate and consider/decide into which conference we belongs as alignments keep shaping up. Coach Gundy & the team are building a nice winning culture that eventually become a tradition. We need to continue doing the good job...
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    My dreams are slowly coming true

    ....and don't forget that we still have a Sutton on the sideline.
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    Max Duggan - TCu from IOWA 4*

    Then..we thought it was a recruiting battle won by plucking away a 4* recruit away from a sooner backyard. The father is a professor at 0U.
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    Sunday Morning Coaches - Week 10, Leaping Horny Toads edition

    Wow! Your post is lengthier than most of Daily Oklahoman articles. Just saying......
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    Max Duggan - TCu from IOWA 4*

    His ball security, his visions and the anticipations will improve significantly, Not much arm strength will improve in the next coming years. He was under coach Glass program for over 2 years by now. You either has it now or not. We will just be dumping the balls here left and here right and...
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    Max Duggan - TCu from IOWA 4*

    I doubt Sanders ability to throw down field with precise accuracy. I doubt his arm strength and his anticipations. Most of the long TDs he had were the simple short sideline throws that the speedy athletic receivers made great plays after the catches. Sanders can't even execute our trademark...
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    Watson suspended from team

    The world is also full of seductions and temptations. Pretty sexy women, drugs and alcohol are among them. Smart and clever help little bit, but disciplines helps a lot.
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    I don't know why this needed to be a new thread, but Bundage

    Brailford was injured earlier in his career at oSu but came up strong to end his collegiate playing days. Hope Bundage will be healthy and finish strong as well. Hope he cut-out the off-sides penalties and the face-mask personal fouls penalties as well.
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    Sunday Morning Coaches - Week 9, Children of a Lesser Corn God Edition

    He needs to improve on the D reads....improve on turnovers....improve on scanning other WRs and staying in the pocket... improve on deep ball accuracy....improve on arm strength. I don'r know. There a lot to improve on. Not to sure how much loyalty will help