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  1. Mikepoke1

    Tampa Vacation

    I live in Tampa, actually. Hit up brunch at Love Artifacts, 20 bucks, and you get all u can eat, and Drink. For dinner, go to the international drive area. Some really nice restraunts, bar louie, don friscoes, etc. You'll love it here. Pretty nice traffic considering the size
  2. Mikepoke1

    Bill Haisten's exclusive interview with Gundy on the 1st 10 years

    He said so himself that he was not happy last year. Anyone who followed OSU football last year could tell this guy pretty much gave up during our 6 game losing streak or whatever it was. Mason Rudolph I think really lit a fire into him, we all saw how much more energized he was vs Baylor, and...
  3. Mikepoke1

    Bill Haisten's exclusive interview with Gundy on the 1st 10 years

    Man, his guy never talks. Pretty exciting to actually know what's actually going on with him. Also, happy to hear that last fall wasn't something we were just making up, that was a tired stressed out guy, wanting to quit. That bedlam game is the reason he's here.
  4. Mikepoke1

    Race baiters at it again.

    These kids don't give a shit. Do you guys think this is really about them trying to prove a point? No, they just wanna be caught in the melee and be on National TV. They're kids, they wanna Rebel. And unfortunately, most of them having nothing to live for.
  5. Mikepoke1

    Travis Ford thread Updated 3/31 6:30 pm

    Has a story every gotten out like this about a coach and they kept him? I'm sure, but I can't think of any names. I bet he's done.
  6. Mikepoke1

    Marcus Smart scores 25 pts for Celtics!!

    Pretty classless Marcus. You don't wanna become that guy in the nba
  7. Mikepoke1

    The BB team has earned it, I'm all in

    I don't know about you guys, but I'm still ALL IN with this team. Lets get a W in Morgantown.
  8. Mikepoke1

    Thank You LeBryan

    Love this kid! Anyone know if he is graduating?
  9. Mikepoke1

    West Virginia at Oklahoma State

    He wasn't like that with Smart
  10. Mikepoke1

    West Virginia at Oklahoma State

    Guys, it time to fire Travis.
  11. Mikepoke1

    OSU vs TCU

    We still suck
  12. Mikepoke1

    Men's basketball @ Baylor

    What is going on? This is insane. This team is doing something special in March. I can feel it!
  13. Mikepoke1

    Men's basketball @ Baylor

    I hope it stays on.
  14. Mikepoke1

    OSU vs KU Game Thread

    Why do we always seem to play kansas well and play like crap against OU? Oh well, I'll take it!