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  1. MT Cowboy

    TV for Baseball games

    Must be a new guy or something lost in translation this year then cause last year I dont recall ever seeing it be wrong. At least nowhere near as often as this season.
  2. MT Cowboy

    TV for Baseball games

    Now if only ESPN could keep their ball-strike count updated correctly. It felt like it was off more than it was accurate on yesterday's broadcast.
  3. MT Cowboy

    OSU vs Missouri St baseball

    Regardless of how this game ends up I'd be beyond happy to never hear this dumbass bud light commercial again the rest of my life
  4. MT Cowboy


    That $12.99 a month is only if you sign up for a full year isnt it? Or can you sign up for it then cancel and not be charged each month still? If you go month to month its $30.
  5. MT Cowboy


    Why so? What was preventing a live stream on Wednesday?
  6. MT Cowboy


    I liked what it was up through last season more than espn+. Fox College Sports televised a large majority of our games last season and most anything that wasnt covered by them was on the OSU Athletics youtube live stream. This season, if it's not on ESPN, you ain't watching it, period. Like game...
  7. MT Cowboy


    Suck bad enough to not bother with a 1 month subscription to watch the games this weekend?
  8. MT Cowboy


    Streaming in Flo Live. Havent dug enough to know if theres a free trial or some backdoor way to watch without paying for a subscription. If not I'm tempted to pay the cost of a single month cause theres some big games this weekend.
  9. MT Cowboy

    OSU baseball at Arizona State

    I had seen that as well but assume the Plus streaming part of the network is a function of a subscription, cant find any confirmation of that anywhere. Guess we'll see later tonight.
  10. MT Cowboy

    OSU baseball at Arizona State

    Any insight as the the Pac 12 Plus stream? I cant find if it requires a subscription or not.
  11. MT Cowboy

    Baseball vs gcu

    This umps strike zone is beyond horrendous
  12. MT Cowboy

    2020 MBB General Recruiting Thread

    What time tomorrow is the announcement supposed to be?
  13. MT Cowboy

    Super Regional Game 2

    Try annoyed by their entire team and douchebag fanbase
  14. MT Cowboy

    Cowgirl Softball

    Echos my exact thoughts. Awfully rich to hear squat fans whine about a bat flip as "classless" while still drooling over that douchelord Mayfield.
  15. MT Cowboy

    NCAA Men's Golf Championship

    Looks like we got it. Pokes advance.