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  1. MustangPokeFan

    Re-watching the 2021 Texas game today

    …..or Dominic or Presley or the two missing O-Linemen…….but I digress.
  2. MustangPokeFan

    Mike Gundy Non-Conference Record..

    And our actual true record of 33-1 is even more impressive. That Central Michigan loss was pure BS!
  3. MustangPokeFan

    Big 12 to meet to consider 6 new teams(PAC)

    My wife lol’d hard when I read her your response! But I don’t know if it was the Mensa part or the Elephant part she like so much…
  4. MustangPokeFan

    OSU Wrestling

    Good info, thanks! I would love it if Surber could somehow squeak his way into the top 10 by the end of the year at 197. If he could make it to the NCAA’s at that weight and score some points it would soften the blow of losing Ferrari.
  5. MustangPokeFan

    OSU Wrestling

    How good is this Hayden Simpson kid from Guthrie that won the 220lb 5A State Title? It says he’s had some good success in Junior Greco-Roman. It also says he’s signed with the Pokes and is an early graduate that could be on the team this coming season. Is he good enough to beat out Doucet and...
  6. MustangPokeFan

    Gundy Succession Plan

    Retirement isn’t even on Gundy’s radar right now and won’t be until his youngest son has played and gone. Right now he’s just entering his Junior year in HS. He looks to be very legit as well….
  7. MustangPokeFan

    OSU football, the stat that will make or break us

    That is simply factually incorrect. Yes he was under massive instant pressure every play with two lineman missing, the top two RBs missing and our star slot receiver missing. However, two of those pressured interceptions against Baylor in the Big 12 title game were amazingly great passes that...
  8. MustangPokeFan

    OSU football, the stat that will make or break us

    I agree, and I am cautiously optimistic that we may not lose that much if any on defense this year. We certainly could with the losses we’ve had but I think it’s more of a reload this time than it is a reinvent the wheel. I think Joe Bob Clements had a heck of a lot to do with the success of the...
  9. MustangPokeFan

    OSU football, the stat that will make or break us

    Why is it that our entire fan base seems completely oblivious to the reasons for Spencer Sanders turnovers. Every single game Sanders has had decent offensive line protection even to an average degree and had any amount of legitimate weapons available like a starting running back or even one...
  10. MustangPokeFan

    Rx Summer Thread #4: Where did you live in Stillwater?

    First at Willham 7th Floor, then Willham 9th Floor, then across from the hospital in a Havis Watson rent house, then at the old haunted house at 414 West 5th, then South of town on Perkins Road in a 14X70 trailer home, then back in Murray Hall, then in a house South of downtown out near the...
  11. MustangPokeFan

    OSU Wrestling

    I think Surber could bring us some points from that weight class. We really are in bad need of our next great heavyweight though. It’s been a while.
  12. MustangPokeFan

    OSU Wrestling

    Look for him to have a Penn State Uniform on soon!
  13. MustangPokeFan

    OSU Wrestling

    I’m glad he’s gone and he can be someone else’s problem. I look forward to enthusiastically supporting the quality high integrity kids we’ve got on our team this coming year including two Sheets brothers!
  14. MustangPokeFan

    Cowboy Baseball

    Get ready for it because the Goons are going to win their second Natty since the last time we won our lone title in 1959. Pretty demoralizing for a school that doesn’t give a flip about baseball to cruise from unranked to a Big 12 Tourney title and a National Title while the school down the road...
  15. MustangPokeFan

    TBP renovations?

    Would it be better to be the top dog in the Big 12 or be just another mid-tier Mississippi State at best in the SEC?