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  1. olderschool

    Jan. 6 sentencing...

    Congress woman Cheney has pasted the test in my mind. I believe she is a real American PATRIOT. Even though i disagree with 98% of her politics. She is certainly no traitor to our country like trump and his lackeys. JMHO
  2. olderschool

    Jan. 6 sentencing...

    He is actually a floater.
  3. olderschool

    BYU, Cincy, Houston, UCF will join B12 07/23

    Baylor. Kansas State. Iowa State.
  4. olderschool

    Cowgirl Basketball 2021-2022 Season

    I hope she can make baskets.
  5. olderschool

    2022-23 Cowgirls Softball Roster

    She looks like a good one.
  6. olderschool

    Arch Manning commits to Texas...

    Asked Chris Sims
  7. olderschool

    Jan. 6 sentencing...

    IMHO The Republican base is just ignoring all of this. To them it’s nothing. They would be willing to just have him as their lifetime dictator. If you live here in Oklahoma our entire congressional delegation is all on board with anything Donald Trump says. Because that’s what the majority of...
  8. olderschool

    Cowboy Baseball

    Our baseball coaches are now all on the hotseat this next season. I really like coach Holliday. Everything except the team's performance on the Dimond. This year's team is very talented. But Arkansas, TCU, Taco Tech, and the goons are all better teams. And it was very evident while watching the...
  9. olderschool

    Basketball Off-season Thread

    I think we need to stick with the coach a while longer. Stillwater is a tough place to recruit to. Coach Sutton said that numerous times. And Mike seems to be able to do that.I don’t think he’s a elite coach yet. But I think he has the intellect to get there. I hope the athletic director sees it...
  10. olderschool

    Jan. 6 sentencing...

    CBS terrorists attacking the capital. Okay thanks for the information.:rolleyes:
  11. olderschool

    #2 Draft Pick!

    Trust in Sam. His record speaks for itself.
  12. olderschool

    Protesting is all fun and games until the Secret Service shows up

    Same kind of winger assholes that assaulted the US capital.
  13. olderschool

    Jan. 6 sentencing...

    Damn the fools that think it’s no big deal. trump has damaged our republic more the any single person in this country’s history. except maybe Jefferson Davis
  14. olderschool

    Jan. 6 sentencing...

    It’s also sad.