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  1. OSU79

    How’s everyone feeling about Baylor.

    I just rewatched Bedlam. A) we were fortunate to win, given our turnovers; B) if we limit ourselves to one turnover, we score 50. On ou. I think we hammer Baylor and make a statement, come out with a 3-seed Sunday.
  2. OSU79

    Pregame? SIAP

    Is the Cowboy Corral the Alumni Association event? I quit paying attention when I read $100/person for breakfast and a "panel" of osu dignitaries. I'm not doing that, but I (+10!) would like to do something with other osu fans.
  3. OSU79

    How’s everyone feeling about Baylor.

    I think JPR wasn't necessarily going for the block, but was surprised to go through the up-backs so cleanly that he hit the punter by mistake. Given that no other rusher even hit the up-backs (hit them hard, anyway) I don't feel it was a coach-called punt block attempt. So I think it WAS a...
  4. OSU79

    Championship Game Tickets?

    Took a flyer, bought ours 2 days before the Tech game. Fortunately, I lucked into picking the osu side!
  5. OSU79

    Gundy on Knowles

    The Phillips 66 Assistant Head Coach and Defensive Coordinator Jim Knowles. Rolls right off the tongue. I like it.
  6. OSU79

    Gundy on Knowles

    I'd go as much as $50/seat in the 100s and 200s (mine). Maybe $25 in the 300s and WEZ. $100 in the Club seats. Gotta factor in inflation!
  7. OSU79

    Ticket Prices for Bedlam are soaring…

    If you're willing to wait and risk missing the event you can always get in cheap late.
  8. OSU79

    Championship Game Tickets?

    I don't think I'd qualify. Though I did for a loooong time.
  9. OSU79

    Ring of Honor

    Totally support the 10 year rule.
  10. OSU79

    Cowboys WIN against ORU. Pokes are 6-1. Next up, WICHITA STATE on Wednesday in GIA. #BEATOU

    The Likekele turnovers are killing me. He's a frickin' senior and still turning the ball over on inbound plays. Or from the point on the first pass of a possession. We desperately need his rebounding and inside scoring, but he's got to clean up the sloppy stuff no senior (or junior) should be doing.
  11. OSU79

    On this Day ..............

    .....we're gonna bomb ou back into the Stone Age. Then watch gleefully as LSU leaks/announces Riley as their new HC. But no tears for belly tat - he gets $10M/year.
  12. OSU79 Preview: Oklahoma vs. Oklahoma State

    If Williams is running a lot I don't think he'll make it into the 3rd quarter. And his passing doesn't really scare me either. If we don't kill ourselves with turnovers we'll kick their ass.
  13. OSU79

    Bedlam Week

    Edit: though I think the crowd will look a lot like last week's blackout!
  14. OSU79

    Bedlam Week

    Please, no grey.