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  1. OSUcat

    OSU vs Texas Tech game thread Thursday

    Without the. #1 draft pick Boynton wins about a third of conference games.
  2. OSUcat

    With friends like Mike Holder…

    For OSU basketball, who needs enemies. Mike Holder could not have hurt OSU basketball more if he intended to. His hires after Eddie were poor. His raising ticket prices helped kill attendance and drove off long time season ticket holders. His and Hargis’ handling of the Lamont Evans...
  3. OSUcat

    Cowboys (7-4) drop game against #14 Houston. Next up, USC Trojans in OKC! Tuesday

    As Tony Allen said “it’s about buckets” and we can’t make many. Coach Travis doesn’t seem to recruit any shooters.
  4. OSUcat

    Cowboys WIN against Cleveland State in OT. Pokes are 7-3. Houston up next on SATURDAY.

    Why does it take Boynton half the season to figure out starters and rotations? It really puts us way behind. He was in love with Cisse but found he is limited when the other bigs are good. So far in his OSU tenure Boynton is another Travis Ford.
  5. OSUcat

    Upon further review, thanks guys

    I was like most Pokes fans and quite disappointed that we lost to Baylor and the way we lost, but Coming back in the fourth quarter to beat OU. The feeling we all had when Oliver sacked Williams… That was golden. That was a cap to a great season. Thanks for beating OU. It makes my year.
  6. OSUcat

    $$$-do we have it?

    It is way more than 5 star recruits. The transfer portal makes it easy for the haves to poach the best players developed by the have nots. So not only do we have no chance at 5 stars, our great players we develop will be offered big money to transfer.
  7. OSUcat

    Dunn sucks (offensive threads merged)

    Gundy brought in Holgerson because we always got whipped on the O line when we played really good teams. We could never rush the ball against the big boys. So we went more to the spread, which takes the load off the O line and puts it on the qb and skill players. The pass set up the run. We...
  8. OSUcat

    How’s everyone feeling about Baylor.

    There is no mystery about rematches being toss ups. The rematch happens in either a bowl game or a playoff, meaning there are two good teams involved. Baylor is a good team. We want them to be a top team. Beating top teams is how you make the playoffs.
  9. OSUcat

    Cowboys (6-2) Drops game against Wichita State Shockers. Next Up Big 12/Big East Challenge against Xavier on SUNDAY

    I will wait to see how Boynton handles the team. Pretty clear right now the tournament ban has taken away our intensity. And that is very understandable. Unless Boynton can get them to buy in on some goals, we could easily see a losing conference record. This season was always going to be a...
  10. OSUcat

    How’s everyone feeling about Baylor.

    Gundy has it right. Go into this game believing Baylor can beat us. So we better bring our A game. If we bring our A game and leave it all on the field, what more can you ask of the players, win or lose.
  11. OSUcat

    Let’s say it out loud

    For the NCAA the harsh punishment was an easy call. A non blue blood program and a young black coach.
  12. OSUcat

    NCAA Denies OSU Basketball Appeal

    The timing of this shows the evil intent to hurt OSU and our players. Right before we start the season. No transfer, no time to process, no time to react. Boynton is right. They punished kids who had nothing to do with it and high fived in glee. Then let off similar and worse violations and...
  13. OSUcat

    NCAA Denies OSU Basketball Appeal

    Boynton was spitting fire. Even holding back some fire. When you name names, knowing they are listening, you have declared war. I don't think Boynton is done with this yet. And it seems our AD will let him do what he wants. I can imagine the post game interview on national TV when KU and...
  14. OSUcat

    NCAA Denies OSU Basketball Appeal

    We signed on to the bylaws of the NCAA and so did Kansas and Louisville and others. The NCAA should not be able to enforce the bylaws against one member and not others.
  15. OSUcat

    NCAA Denies OSU Basketball Appeal

    It was Chad's reference to Bowlsby that made me assume the Big 12 had some decision in the matter.