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    Harris becomes first female POTUS
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    NCAA Denies OSU Basketball Appeal

    Mike Boynton needs to get on some national networks and say the exact same thing. This needs to get out to everyone.
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    Fauci said it in July of 2020
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    The Biden Administration Thread

    Not a good day for the biden administration. Two pieces of bad news with the killing of 10 (7 children) innocent people and the FDA shooting down their push for booster shots.
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    Afghanistan merged

    U.S. drone strike in Kabul mistakenly killed civilians, not terrorists, Pentagon says
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    The Biden Administration Thread
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    Cowboy Basketball: KU defeats OSU in Allenfield House. Series Split. Next up KSU on Saturday.

    Fran finally said something of substance. This is bad basketball and hard to watch.
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    The Market Thread

    She has done well for herself the last couple of years...
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    Official Game Thread: Cheez-It Bowl- Oklahoma State vs. Miami (FL)

    Don’t even try to get a first down on the last 2 possessions...absolutely pathetic.
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    VOTE! Election thread

    Is the world coming to an end... Cuomo Defends Trump against ‘Unprofessional’ and ‘Really Biased’ Media
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