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    Cowboy Basketball: KU defeats OSU in Allenfield House. Series Split. Next up KSU on Saturday.

    Fran finally said something of substance. This is bad basketball and hard to watch.
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    The Market Thread

    She has done well for herself the last couple of years...
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    Official Game Thread: Cheez-It Bowl- Oklahoma State vs. Miami (FL)

    Don’t even try to get a first down on the last 2 possessions...absolutely pathetic.
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    VOTE! Election thread

    Is the world coming to an end... Cuomo Defends Trump against ‘Unprofessional’ and ‘Really Biased’ Media
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    VOTE! Election thread

    Definitiely not surprising for the side coming into power to call for unity, but it is far from what happened 4 years ago. Just a few examples of unity from 4 years ago... John Lewis said before the inauguration that Trump was an illegitimate president prompting a back and forth between the...
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    VOTE! Election thread

    Where are you seeing this? Everywhere I look, I see Trump with a 400,000+ vote margin.
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    VOTE! Election thread

    I stayed up and watched was an embarrassment. I should have stuck with my plan of not voting in the presidential election, but I caved the last week or so. I actually felt like the choices for president this time were worse than in 2016 and I held my nose when I voted then. I am...
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    VOTE! Election thread

    I am pretty sure there isn't any good info out there... I am at the point that I wish we could take the media circus out of the election. It floors me that races are being called with less than 1% of the vote in. Arizona got called not too long after the polls closed in that state. I am...
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    VOTE! Election thread

    No kidding. I deleted my post when I saw he went private. The maps are still out there (as far as I know). I was actually editing my post to say I was surprised that Twitter hadn't flagged it as misinformation.
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    VOTE! Election thread

    You are correct.
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    VOTE! Election thread

    Yeah..I know you were. I personally like the Electoral college because it gives us middle america rural voters some kind of voice. I was reinforced in this belief after a conversation with a Fedex guy from New Jersey who could not understand what "living outside of town" actually meant. I got...