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  • Living on 10 acres outside of Bryan/College Station near Iola, TX. Proud OSU fan in aTm territory.
    Thanks for the information, I will contact them. Best regards, Pete

    ps My deepest sympathies on living where they have cadets for cheerleaders.
    had to get under 140 characters: National Cowboy Hall of Fame & Western Heritage Museum. Nice folks, good help.
    Try Nat Cowboy H of F & Western Heritage Museum in OKC. Go to website, then Dickinson Research Center. My contact: Gerrianne Schaad.
    I just read your comment that you have done a lot of research on Frank Eaton. I have a couple of very unique Frank Eaton items I would like to get official authentication on (note my avatar shows one of them, a tintype photograph of Frank sitting between Rollie Goodnight and Joe Bartels [sp]). Please let me know if you have any idea how I might find more information about this.
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