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  1. pokefan89

    3M Golf

    Total collapse for Rickie. So disappointing
  2. pokefan89

    Consolidated Basketball Recruiting 2021

    PFB just ran the numbers with the transfers that would have been a part of last years class included, it would have been the #4 class overall WITHOUT Cade. #2 overall with Cade
  3. pokefan89

    Consolidated Basketball Recruiting 2021

    So many potential recruits and transfers mention Cade when they talk about why they're considering/coming to OSU. Program changer (hopfully)
  4. pokefan89

    Stillwater Stars and TBT 2021

    Sucks that Nash is hurt. He was great last year
  5. pokefan89

    Baseball selection show

    So we got ripped off because the #3 seed in our region isn't a total cupcake? That's a stretch
  6. pokefan89

    Basketball Thoughts

    I don't know what Thompson's shooting pedigree is, but we at least two people to become reliable shooters next year. We were not a good shooting team, and we lost our best shooter. The potential is there, but how far can you really go without any shooters?
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    The Big 12 probably only went 6-1 because they were overseeded. Probably more teams would have lost if they were seeded 5 and had to play a 12 seed. But, I also don't think it's just as simple as watching the tournament play out one time and claiming a conference is overrated. They could start...
  8. pokefan89

    Loyal & True. Cowboy Basketball 20’-21’ Season Ends in a Second Round Exit against Oregon State. Pokes Finish 21-9 Overall. Proud and Immortal #NewEra

    Whew. When Cade had to go to the bench in the first half, there was this overwhelming feeling of like, this game is going just like Liberty wanted, this is exactly what we all feared. And Avery Anderson was like
  9. pokefan89

    Dallas-Ft. Worth watch party

    In Fort Worth, all the football watch parties were at Trinity Irish Pub, and I talked to her, but I haven't seen if she's setting it up. There's usually not a lot of people there watching. Dallas usually has more people, but I think some of the normal locations were switched up this year with...
  10. pokefan89

    Bracketology *Pokes are a 4 seed in The Dance*

    I think Liberty is a solid team and a solid 13 seed, but that's where most bracket predictors had them at 12-13, so it's not quite like Oregon. Oregon was a total sham Either way, on the other topic. I agree, at first I was upset and annoyed, but at this point I'm so excited for Friday I don't...
  11. pokefan89

    Bracketology *Pokes are a 4 seed in The Dance*

    Bilas described them as a replica of Virginia
  12. pokefan89

    Bracketology *Pokes are a 4 seed in The Dance*

    That's a 2 sided debate. The other side of it is that would make it the 64 best teams RIGHT NOW. Aka they could be like well Duke looked good this week, so they're in now.
  13. pokefan89

    Bracketology *Pokes are a 4 seed in The Dance*

    The Big 12, except WVU of all teams, didn't seems to get much respect from the committee. OU an 8, Tech a 6, us a 4, and Houston got the 2 seed over UT
  14. pokefan89

    Bracketology *Pokes are a 4 seed in The Dance*

    It's all about the NET - which is ridiculous. We ended the BCS...we ended the RPI...guess it should be us who ends the NET as well