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    TV for Baseball games

    I totally agree on the crappy announcers during the broadcast, especially basketball. One of the guys on Saturday didn't know who Big Country was when the PBP guy referenced him. The great thing about the baseball games I've watched this season on ESPN+ is that you get to listen to Rex doing...
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    Kenny G!! (Cowgirl softball)

    Will be easier to add on to the softball stadium once Allie P is no longer in use.
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    Turkey recipes?

    I actually prefer this brining recipe to the one Alton Uses.
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    Turkey recipes?

    Trust Alton Brown. I followed his recipe the first time I made the Thanksgiving turkey and the family has had me make them every year since. Tip; If you buy a frozen turkey...
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    Music Discussion

    An Oklahoma Band
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    RIP Rick Ocasek

    While I love their music, The Cars were the worst live act I've ever seen. Never spoke to the crowd, no solos. Could have just played a music video and would have been the same.
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    Country Music Documetary

    It's been great. If you missed any, all are available online or the PBS app.
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    2019 OSU football survey

    Funny, listening to TDL podcast number 20 and one of the guys is asking Lunt if he has come up with a nickname for Sean Gleeson. Also mention that they have a sponsor.
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    Help me find the tag I am looking for.....

    Like this?
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    Caption Time...

    I'm taller than your mom.
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    One Way to Strengthen the Big XII: Pac 12 Alliance

    Saban/Alabama don't get hammered for scheduling a weak opponent because they bury it deep in the season, along with other SEC schools. They are praised for opening the season with a tough opponent. It seems that in the SEC, they will play some conf games in the opening weeks and hide their...
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    Coach John Smith a witness to history....OSU Style.

    There needs to be a GIF of this to use in BPS after a TD or defensive stop during football season.
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    New OC thread

    Sure would be great if Gundy did name somebody as OC just to get some positive news going for OSU.
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    New OC thread

    Add this man to the list of potentials