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    2019 Predictions

    8-4, will come very close to a Bedlam win, but will fall short once again.....
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    Facilities/Construction Update

    Has it been confirmed yet where the location of the wrestling facility will be?
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    MLB Draft

    I thought that at first too, but I think he was talking about Campbell. I haven't seen anything at all today that leads me to believe there was another one. I could be wrong though.
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    MLB Draft

    Justin Campbell. He’s a huge get, and will be here this fall. Top 200 prospect nationally and one of the top prospects in CA.
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    MLB Draft

    Joe Lienhard was picked up by the Royals organization today, big congrats to him. Really don't understand why he wasn't drafted.
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    Summer League Baseball 2019

    I’m seeing that Parker Scott might actually come back? Apparently he and his family weren’t happy with some of the terminology in the contract offered. Just a rumor though. I haven’t seen any confirmation that it’s actually true yet. If true, that’s huge for us.
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    New Asst. Baseball Coach

    Here are some pretty entertaining interviews from the past. The zipper thing reminds me of Doug Gottlieb's shorts at Kansas, lol.
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    Big XII Media Days

    Sports journalism has become extremely lazy IMO.
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    Summer League Baseball 2019

    Seems we have a few guys coming out of redshirt that could be immediate impact guys in Phansalkar, Polk, and Spiegel. Any opinions on Polk? And, someone else that I wonder about is Jake Northern. Anyone know why he didn’t play at all this year? It would be nice if he could come in and be an...
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    Summer League Baseball 2019

    Hopefully Stone can do what Heaney did. Heaney really struggled his sophomore year, and then transformed into a 1st rounder his junior year. May have been the best pitcher in the college game in 2012. You just never know when it’s going to click with some guys. Zach Cable was interviewed in...
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    Baseball 2022 Brennan Phillips Ranked 9th in the state, right behind Dom Johnson. Dom Johnson at #8 in the state is hilarious. Kid is a stud that we’ll be fortunate to even get onto campus.
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    MLB Draft

    Not sure, his Twitter has no mention of us any more. Zach Cable’s twitter says he’s coming to Stillwater. He could be a really good pick up. A young pitcher from Owasso just committed to us today, Brennan Phillips.
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    Summer League Baseball 2019

    Certainly don’t blame the kid. I don’t blame any pitcher who has any kind of arm trouble in the past for jumping at the opportunity to go play pro ball. Not going to act like this is positive for our team going into next year, but it certainly opens a huge door for several of our young...
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    Summer League Baseball 2019

    Scott and Polcovich are Cape Cod all stars.
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    MLB Draft This is a list of the HS players. Only one missing is Gage Gaunt I believe. Jucos are Noah Denoyer, Kaden Polcovich and maybe a couple of others.