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  1. Rob B.

    OSU Coaching changes thread

    FIFY amirite @Herecomesbullets ?
  2. Rob B.

    Upland Season

    You're gonna love it.
  3. Rob B.

    Upland Season

    Beretta's are sweet, what model? I love my 686 Silver Pigeon.
  4. Rob B.

    Gonna Be A Rough Ride

    The suckage transferred to Cowboy basketball....apparently.
  5. Rob B.

    Chu Ba !!! ??

    I think his word was "ridiculous". Birry gonna Birry...
  6. Rob B.

    2019 Bedlam Football Thread.. Lets keep this going, idiots.

    Nothing need be said, the squats represented like they always do...
  7. Rob B.

    2019 Bedlam Football Thread.. Lets keep this going, idiots.

    You know what's even funnier? Every year the NCAA drug tests the players of bowl bound teams. Every year. That includes playoff teams. Every year. Yet here we are.
  8. Rob B.

    Pokes suck

  9. Rob B.

    Upland Season

    Our group has 3 gsp's, 1 Britt, 3 labs, and an English Setter. Always have pointing dogs and Labradors on the ground together. Works out well.
  10. Rob B.

    Football 2020 RB Daniyel Ngata

  11. Rob B.

    Pokes suck

    10 straight wins....
  12. Rob B.

    Howdy former conferencemates!

    If you wouldn't send so many of your toothless natives to that school in Norman, we wouldn't be able to make bank off of their habits...
  13. Rob B.

    Texas Bowl vs aTm