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  1. swamppoke

    Pat Jones dissing on Hubbard

    Uhhh. The #1 RB was an AA/HOF NFL back (his first two years). And Sanders arrived at oSu weighing <180lbs or so. Actually, I credit the coaching staff with letting his body mature before throwing him into real CFB. PJ may well be an idiot, but...........
  2. swamppoke

    Annnnndddd, Enter Bloomberg

    why the hell not? He's taken a hard look at the field, and found it "wanting", as I'm sure all moderate Democrats have.
  3. swamppoke

    Sunday Morning Coaches - Week 9, Children of a Lesser Corn God Edition

    So if you have lost so much interest, why are you on a sports board whining? You don't care about watching the games, but you do care about bitching to others about it. That is not "providing a data point". That's taking a dump and sitting in it. And your coworker is not a "major problem"...
  4. swamppoke

    Sunday Morning Coaches - Week 9, Children of a Lesser Corn God Edition

    That's because all you could see of gundy was the tip of his head outside of his turtle shell on those possessions, and Campbell knew Gundy didn't have the cajones to really do anything other than hand the ball to Chuba.
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    DMN -- No one is picking OSU to win versus Texas

    LSU threw for over 100 yards more against Texas than against Georgia Southern, or NW State. DBU. heh.
  6. swamppoke

    15 Year Member

    That news is just sooooo last February. :thumbup:
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    Big 12 power rankings week 1

    LSU might be the toughest game on the Texas schedule, but it is not a fact.
  8. swamppoke

    Big Dave on You Tube OSU videos

    Obviously we need a torrent. Or someone to get it on Mega. Gonna miss those commercial free replays.


    johnny carson
  10. swamppoke

    Beavers edge Roundup

    yep, evidently they caved to the pressure. It was a stupid policy.
  11. swamppoke

    Beavers edge Roundup

    Unless their policy has changed, the PAC only allows PAC officials for all home games.
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    Bicycle question

    If you're close to or over 6', then prob large. If you're under, probably med. I have a 30" inseam, but long torso. I ride a large frame road bike for the torso length. My trail bike is a med, but those rides are shorter (and more intense), so it doesn't matter as much, and it gives me more...
  13. swamppoke

    Bicycle question

    Doesn't matter how good the deal is if the frame size is wrong. measure your inseam, which will give you an idea. I'm guessing medium or large frame size. EBay advanced search for completed items might give you an idea of value. @OSUinTX is absolutely right.
  14. swamppoke

    Bicycle question

    This is excellent advice for the "working man" with expendable income. I'm waay cheaper than that. Measure yourself, and unless you have a weird ratio (unusually long legs or torso), you can figure out the proper frame size yourself. Google shit, and you'll find how to setup; e.g. KOPS...
  15. swamppoke

    Special Teams

    twas a joke. Didn't work out too well for him in our game.