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    Football 2022 ATH Braylin Presley Committed to OSU

    My Bixby connection tells me the prognosis is good, but not certain, for whatever that's worth.
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    Football 2022 ATH Braylin Presley Committed to OSU

    Don't over think this guys, when Bixby plays the best competition in OK, nobody can stop him. When Bixby travels south and plays a Texas team, nobody can stop him. He is without question the most dynamic player in OK this year and last. Get him on campus, and get him the ball however you can.
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    Derek Chauvin verdict

    Agreed. Now would be a great time to do it given the favorable verdict from her constituents point of view.
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    And you thought it was Trump.....

    Agree completely. And give CNN a little credit, their editorial does too.
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    Morel Mushrooms

    So you guys that hunt these, is it a morning thing, or do they stick around for a while after they sprout?
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    Definitely sounds like someone punted.
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    Indianapolis shooting FedEx--Red Flag Law failed

    I don't know about that. What I"m getting at is everyone involved in this debate, from the most liberal gun control activist to the most redneck gun nut, want these mass shootings to stop. That seems like some good common ground to work with for there to be nothing but opposition.
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    Indianapolis shooting FedEx--Red Flag Law failed

    This is where I think the NRA is missing an opportunity. They should be leading the charge when it comes to background checks, closing loopholes, enforcement, red flag laws, etc. It is in every gun owner's interest to stop every single one of these shootings.
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    USC just got probation with no post season ban for the same stuff, so between them and South Carolina, I have to think we will win the appeal on the post season ban. I don't see how they could justify it now...
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    The Biden Administration Thread

    And both administrations have been pretty much in lockstep on this issue. Pompeo was very harsh in his criticism of China on this front, the question is as always, what do you do about it with a nuclear superpower? The Olympics don't mean shite anymore, so it's an easy thing to throw out there.
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    I think he kinda had to. He was the only guard from Gonzaga that was close to the same level as any of the Baylor guards.
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    Cowboy Basketball: UT defeats OSU in Big 12 Championship Game. Pokes are #4 Seed and will play #13 Seed Liberty on FRIDAY

    Part of it is West Virginia's style. They are aggressive on D and cause a lot of turnovers, but they also gave up a lot of transition baskets to us, which is why we beat them the last two games. Live by the sword, die by the sword.
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    The Biden Administration Thread

    Thanks, never heard of it, but will definitely check it out.
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    The Biden Administration Thread

    No doubt. Have you been to the Breaux Bridge crawfish festival. It is on my bucket list.
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    The Biden Administration Thread

    Reasonable deduction, but I thought it was spelled with a z.