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    What happened to Jenni Carlson?

    Interestingly, while living in Tokyo, (thus my handle) I had a lot of difficulty folowing OSU due to the time differences, et al, and I emailed Jenni Carlson for more information on OSU and she responded positively and helped me stay in the loop for awhile. Needless to say, my opinion of her...
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    On the subject of poor attendance- Wrestling

    Attendance was beginning to wane back in the 60's. Personally, I had never seen wrestling as Enid High School did not have it in school for some reason. I went a few times with friends and began to understand the rules a little and as I learmed more about it the more I enjoyed it. I continue...
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    OSU 's recruiting not so hot

    Usually I just read the posts without signing in, but this negative comment on this recruiting class gave me a case of the red axx and I had to make a comment. Imho this class may turn out to be one of the best classes we have had in years. Every position we needed has been attended to, and...
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    OC Job: This Story Is Both Complimentary and Very Scary

    My thoughts on the HCMG pay raise, et al, is that Haisten (et al) were just trying to create a little news. HCMG is a home boy. He's not going anywhere. Sure he wants to be treated right which means paid the standard rate of a successful coach, but he is creating a legacy right now that OSU...
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    OL Donald Hawkins to UT

    I guess if I had top-rated recruiting classes year in and year out but still couldn't cut the mustard I might start mining the classes of schools that appeared to be able to find the nuggets out there. Obviously the coaching staff there would rather cherry pick than put the hours into the film...
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    Kendall Sanders opens recruitment no longer committed

    He would be a great player for us, but maybe his folks want him a little closer to home so they can watch him play. Good luck to him...Go Co0wboys!!!
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    Herschel Sims

    Backfill, the few times I've seen him carry the mail he appeared to have another gear he can reach to pull away from tacklers. Imagine a backfield with both he and Randle sharing the load. Add a qb that can run and throw like Walsh, it could creat nightmares for opposing OCs just like this one...
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    Recruits under the radar

    Thought this might be a good thread to mention developing players that are somewhat under the radar of many recruiters right now. One, that might be a really good kid with a motor on him is a sophomore at Ceder Hill (or Ceder Ridge?) Dallas Area, named Spencer Moore. He is a tight...
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    "Gundy Hopes to Retire at OSU" - AP Story

    The reporter that insinuates the HCMG is unhappy about his contract appears to be trying to "create" news. My gut feeling is that OSU intends to make sure MG is happy. Trying to create a problem is not reporting the news. It's tough enough for the players to keep their heads in the right...
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    Legal question

    Thanks for the feedback!!!
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    Legal question

    In the event one person enters into a real estate transaction and decides to let it go into forclosure, does the lending company have the right to go after the spouse even though that spouse did not sign the loan agreement?? ( Both spouses, historically, have separate accounts, separate...
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    Players that didn't work out...

    Kid from Texarkansas, LB, accused of statutory rape. Hell of a LB. Go Pokes!!!
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    OSU Alumni Roll Call

    1973 for in 1959, brother in 1962, father in 50's, (nephews (2), daughter, mid 80's), assorted cousins, et al. in the neighborhood 10-12 grads. Most of us will be at the OU game. Go Cowboys!!!
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    What would it feel like.....

    Like most posters I would like an immediate repeat next year!!! Go Cowboys!!