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According to our Google Analytics:

3,534,047 Visits per Year
757,114 Unique Visitors
26,792,630 Page Views
7.58 Pages Per Visit
9:11 Average Visit Duration
25.26% Bounce Rate
20.86% New Visits

These statistcs show that not only do we have a large audience, at the pace of 63 THOUSAND unique visits per month, and 2.25 MILLION page views. But they are very loyal... spending more than 9 minutes at a time, and viewing at least 8 pages per visit. 80% of our traffic is repeat business.

Download our 2012 Google Analytics Data:


Data provided by Quantcast.



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Ad Specifications

Site Sponsorship - $300

  • Run of site ad rotation in our two designated ad spaces.
  • A sticky post at the top of the main sports forum than can be changed as often as desired
  • With 5 site sponsors, the average monthly views would still be above 350,000 but we make no guarantees.

Ad Creative Policy

  • Orangepower Network has final approval for all ads with respect to content.
  • Orangepower Network reserves the right to remove an advertisement from its web sites at any time for any reason.
  • Ad locations may move during site redesigns.

Banner Specs: