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    So why cant we get OSU baseball on Tulsa radio Again?

    Seriously why does our website even say that we have a Tulsa affiliate when it never actually plays the OSU games?
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    Curling coming to Tulsa

    The Oilers Ice Center has added curling rings to the ice during their renovations this year. The Tulsa Curling Club, is having an open house January 21st at 5 PM, if interested. Link to website:
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    Best Beer selection in Tulsa

    Which Liquor store in Tulsa has the largest and best beer selection? B&B isn't bad and MidTown is ok too, I really want one that has a great pick-6 selection. But one that just has a large variety would work too.
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    From the Aggies perspecive.

    I think Whitesnake said it best with this little number: Especially considering how the game played out last year and this year.
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    Sig question

    Is there nay way to make the stats in my sig line up. As you can see the headers for the catgories dont line up, and niether do the numbers. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    Jared Glover

    Has anyone else noticed that Glover is on the Spring Roster? Number 96? Thought he was done playing football, would be great if he could live up to expectations.
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    Nathen Sorenson...

    After watching film on this kid, finally, he reminds me a lot of Colt McCoy. He seems faster than Zac, with a better arm. He has a strong arm, can put touch on it, has accuracy, and knows where to go with the ball. Having now seen both Deaton and Sorenson's films I would be surprised if Deaton...
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    Mock 2010 draft projections...

    So I decided to look around and see what kind of mock drafts are out there. I will link and put down OSU player, position, order and team. Like this guy: Russel Okung-OT #1 overall to the Browns Dez Bryant-WR #5 overall to the Chiefs, (hate the...
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    Updated Bowl Projections One has us in the Cotton Bowl, and the other guy has us in the Holiday, with Nebraska in the Cotton. How in the hell could he think that Cotton bowl would take Nebraska over us, especially considering we are closer to...
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    Florida HS wins 83-0 Basically the story read like this, the winning team could do no wrong and the losing team could do nothing right. Apparently the winner in this game lost in last years game. My feelings are that while yes a score like 83-0 looks bad...
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    Future Cowboy Update...

    Lavocheya Cooper, the kid out od Arp Texas, had a couple of TD run tonight 20 and 40 yards in length. His high school will also be on High School Scoreboard Live's DQ game of the Week on FSN. It was be the whole game but rather it is a HS highlight show, very well done IMO, and the Arp game is...
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    Jacob Lacey

    Did anyone know the Colts picked up Lacey? Anyway he had 3 tackles in the game tonight for them. Would be awsome if he made the team.
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    Jobless alum sues for tuition money I think it extremely funny that this has happened, not too mention sad. I mean I graduated a year ago and have yet to find a job in my field, teaching, but I sure as heck don't blame OSU. Its my responsibility to find a job...
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    3-4 Defense

    Does anyone think maybe we should look at going to a 3-4 style D? I was reading several items about coaches talking baout how to stop the Spread and the 3-4 was brought up several times. I am not a huge Defensive minded guy but it would pool our depth at DL (not spreading us quit as thin), plus...
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    Track and Field

    Fernandez for OSU wins 1500 meter national Champ. wire to wire finish. It was a thing of beauty.
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    Most exciting new commit so far?

    Personally I still think Caleb lavey is our most promising prsopect in our next class. He should graduate early and will likely come and start right away, since our LB corps will be decimated by graduation after this year. Here is his website which has his highlight tape, this kid is going to be...
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    of our boys. They fought hard and did something no one thought they would do. Sure it is dissappointing, for the regional and season, but we did better than anyone thought we would. Say what you want about Anderson and Green, Kroll, and anybody else but we still played hard and fought to the...
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    Oklahoma Panhandle

    Ok so I graduated from OSU last July to become a teacher. Well my first job interview and if all goes well my first job may be out in the panhandle, at Hardesty, OK. My question is there anyone that lives out around there? Guymon maybe? Anyway I know that its flat as all get out but I would just...
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    Baseball is around the corner

    Ok so now that we are in the month of baseball starting up I just thought I would post this article from Basically giving and update about our preseason rankings. We are generally anywhere from 13th to 16th. Not to shabby, we should have a good team this year. I was pleasently...
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    Game tonight?

    Anyone have any idea what channel the game will be on on Dish Network in Tulsa? The Casino I work in has it and I want to watch the game while at work.