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    OSU v UT - 2 Tx for Sale

    I have two tix in section 124, row 10 for sale. Asking $100 each. If interested, email me at
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    Looking for 2 tix to ULL game

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    Keep your chin up Alex!

    It was a tough situation and you played hard. It just wasn't your night. Keep working hard. You never know when your number will get called again. Several years back Texas needed 3 QBs to beat uo. I hope that's not necessary on the Saturday after Thanksgiving, but ya never know. Be prepared.
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    NCAA Basketball Rule Changes

    Not sure I like the new injured player free throw replacement rule. I'd like it better if the the coach of the team fouled had to pick someone else onthe floor. What do ya'll think
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    Coaches Poll Out

    OU Fla UT Dec. 7, 2008 Rank Team (first-place votes) Record Points Last week 1. Oklahoma (31) 12-1 1,482 2 2. Florida (26) 12-1 1,481 4 3. Texas (4) 11-1 1,408 3 4. (tie) Southern California 11-1 1,309 5 4. (tie) Alabama 12-1 1,309 1 6. Penn State 11-1...
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    Barack's going to "throw his weight around"....

    to get a college football playoff. He wants an 8 team playoff. This quote from his 60 Minutes interviewed which just aired. I know he mentioned the need for a playoff before but these were pretty strong words, even if he did have a bit of wry smile after he said it. That's the kind of...
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    Media Conspiracy

    ABC switched away from the OSU game in Central Texas. This is an obvious attempt to hurt OSU recruiting and help the Longhorns! ;)
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    #6 in the BCS Poll!!

    Wow. Who is surprised by the #6 ranking?
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    A Polite b*** Kickin'

    Way to go Horns! 82 - 62 over Stanford! Let's go KU. Go Big 12!!
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    USA Today - Sutton Article

    I did not see this posted. It's in today's USA Today
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    Pick'em Update?

    When are pick'em results going to be updated?
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    Poke Fans = Horn Fans

    The threads are eerily similar re. comments about defensive coaches. Check it out. Would you trade DC & coaches with Texas?
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    ESPN Grrrr!

    They just switched to the Oregon St v Michigan game in the DFW market.
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    Heed your moral compass

    An excellent article. Nearly all of us know right from wrong. However, we can be blinded by the power or the money or both. Do not fall to the temptation. Dec. 14, 2006, 11:08PM Root cause of Enron's fall can't be locked away By LOREN STEFFY Copyright 2006 Houston Chronicle...
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    2 Bedlam Tix For Sale

    I've got two tickets to the bedlam game, Nov 25, 2006, for sale. They are in section C Row 65. Contact me at if you are interested.
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    AP back for Bedlam?

    In a sideline interview he just said he might be back for the OSU game.
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    USA (GA) wins LLWS

    The kids from Georgia won the LLWS vs Japan tonight 2 - 1...but no dog pile after the last out. That's 2 years in a row for the USA.
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    ACC Refs - Suspended

    Sorry if this is old news but .. ESPN reported that an ACC basketball officiating crew was suspended because they called a double technical (that Duke benefitted from) that was not justified. I guess there are bad refs everywhere
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    That fire in Blacksburg

    is Virginia Tech's Rose Bowl hopes going up in flames. Miami's defense is making VT look like a high school team.
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    Basketball UT @ OSU - Need 2 Tix

    I need two tickets to the UT at OSU basketball game. PLease reply to Thanks!!!