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  1. J

    Johny Hendricks vs Robbie Lawler II

    They do have 10-8 and 10-7 rounds but it's kind of rare. I've only seen 2-3 10-7 rounds and about a dozen 10-8 rounds in the past 5 years. Mostly from GSP, really.
  2. J

    Johny Hendricks vs Robbie Lawler II

    I actually thought Hendricks was going to get the nod, by I knew he didn't deserve it. He had one takedown in round one, but it was after several failed attempts and did nothing with it. I though that was the swing round. Hendricks clearly won 2-3, but he definitely lost 4-5. You never know how...
  3. J

    Game Thread: OSU vs UTSA

    Anyone else feel like daxx is just as in love with his arm strength as cowboyethics is?
  4. J

    Game thread: Oklahoma State vs Missouri State

    Are you a wizard?
  5. J

    Expectations Game 1 FSU vs OKST

    So? It's not last season. All I'm saying is they have a history of losing games they shouldn't. Last year, everything went their way. I'd bet they lose multiple games this season. We certainly have a chance. If ACC teams can catch them off guard almost every year, we can too. I don't think much...
  6. J

    Expectations Game 1 FSU vs OKST

    FSU Boise'd their way to a championship last year. We have a chance. The only teams with a pulse they played last year were Clemson and Auburn. Odds are, they'll win, but with their recruiting classes and schedule, they should be in the National Championship game every year. They're perennial...
  7. J

    LeBron James Cramping AKA Sports History's Greatest Crime

    He is soft. As a pro athlete, its your fault if you cramp. Drink more water and man up. I did evolutions in full bunker gear and SCBA in the middle of the summer in west Texas for a couple of hours at a time. I didn't cramp once. Out of my class of 30, nobody got a cramp they couldn't work...
  8. J

    Big 12 nearly void of first round talent?

    Did Garret Gilbert just get drafted before anyone from Texas?
  9. J

    Sporting News Ranks Big 12 FB Coaches

    Where would Weis rank if he won the big 12 next year and made them a yearly contender?
  10. J

    Jaw Walsh

    If I remember last season correctly(and I may not as I was in the desert, missed a few games and watched the others on shitty streams) our receivers managed to have some incredible drops early last season. I remember more than once thinking JW just threw a nice pass only to bounce off the...
  11. J

    Jaw Walsh

    I was wondering the same thing. More elusive, yes. Faster in a straight line? Maybe. Maybe not. He was a 4.4 guy out of high school, meaning he's probably a solid 4.5 guy..
  12. J

    2014 NFL combine- Stewart & Gilbert

    I'm fairly certain he was a powerlifter before he was a bodybuilder. I know he competed in Olympic style lifting competitions.
  13. J

    VOTE! Which OSU Team will show up?

    I wonder if we have 17 consistently pessimistic fans..
  14. J

    Football Tyreek Hill JUCO RB

    You are talking to a brick wall.
  15. J

    Dez is held to higher standards than the rest of the NFL.

    There were no less than 30 black football players that could have walked off of that field unnoticed. Race had absolutely nothing to do with this. In fact, it would have been far worse if Romo had walked off. It would be hard to imagine anyone even defending his actions.
  16. J

    Vitor Belfor so obviously juiced up

    Hendo has been on TRT longer than almost anyone else. TRT is essentially steroids when abused. The difference in Vitor's physique is just ridiculous compared to before he started. He wasn't nearly that jacked in his prime at 230+ pounds when he was popped for roids.
  17. J

    Vitor Belfor so obviously juiced up

    He's tested positive more than once. There is a reason he has not fought outside of Brazil since his resurgence.
  18. J

    Game Thread: Oklahoma State vs Texas Tech

    Out of chicken shit.
  19. J

    Thayer Responds

    Holy balls. I can't believe he had a job after writing those. Those 2 articles alone should be enough to convince anyone he has an ax to grind.
  20. J

    ESPN Writer puts 5 SEC teams ahead of any Big 12

    How does it feel to have a statistician continuously ask you to compile statistics for him because he can't figure it out?