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  1. bpoke

    North Austin

    Anyone know of any or have any contacts for Marketing/HR jobs in the North Austin area? Preferably somewhere around the Round Rock/Pflugerville/Cedar Park/Georgetown area. I just got a job down there but now the fiancé needs one. We have been looking for a while now but we aren't having too much...
  2. bpoke

    Football Kaleb Smith LS

    ESPN is showing him as committed. I didn't even know we gave long snappers scholarships
  3. bpoke

    1 OSU vs ISU ticket for sale

    I'm selling my ISU ticket. Sec 320 row 3now seat 10 face value is 90. Pm me if interested.
  4. bpoke

    CB Depth.

    First off I think we have the best two starting corners in the league, but I don't really know who's backing them up. I feel like in the pass happy big 12 you need at least four soild CBs. Will Hedegpeth be back? Didn't May get hurt? Do yall think Kevin Peterson will see any playing time...
  5. bpoke

    KU bball and drug bust.

    Nearly three dozen people were indicted Thursday for what federal prosecutors say was a ring that supplied about $17 million worth of "high-grade" drugs to customers, including marijuana to members of last year's University of Kansas basketball team...
  6. bpoke

    Men's Basketball Basketball recruiting news?

    I know everything is centered on football right now but as anyone heard anything about anybody we are recuiting for basketball? I checked out ESPN's list of guys that are considering us and it looks like we are in on some pretty big time recruit.
  7. bpoke

    NCAA moves kickoffs from 30 to 35 yard line. boo :thumbdown:
  8. bpoke

    1 Ticket for Fiesta Bowl

    Got one ticket sec 141 row 41 PM me.
  9. bpoke

    1 Fiesta Bowl ticket.

    OSU section 141 row 40. If intrested PM me or say so on here.
  10. bpoke

    Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning

    Has anyone heard things about this game? I think it sounds and looks pretty sweet! I'm a HUGE fan of Skyrim and this seems like the same type of game.
  11. bpoke


    I thought this was pretty funny! Found it on Markelle Martin's facebook.
  12. bpoke

    First time in College Station

    So me and a group of friends are going down for the game but none of us have been there before. Does anyone know of any good places to eat? What bars are good, and which ones should we stay away from?
  13. bpoke

    Blackmon out of the Heisman race

    Just said on SC, four got invited and Blackmons not one of them. Its Newton, James, Moore, and Luck. Maybe next year... :(
  14. bpoke

    Camping Question

    So do we have off tomorrow to go watch the football game, or do we still need someone at the tent? If we get off to watch the game thats means that no one will have to be at the tents from 11 to like 530 since the basketball game is at 3. That would be awesome!!! Thanks in advance.
  15. bpoke

    Tv for the game tonight?

    :confused:i have dish anyone know what station if any its on?
  16. bpoke

    NCAA Bball rules might be changing

    Associated Press INDIANAPOLIS -- Recommendations regarding defense under the basket and substitute free throw shooters for injured players have been made by the NCAA's Men's and Women's Basketball Rules Committee. The committee met from Monday to Wednesday in Phoenix, and the...
  17. bpoke

    Sanders goes 27th in ESPN mock draft for the ages

    i thought he should have gone sooner. what do yall think?:confused:
  18. bpoke

    Baylor game student ticket for sale.

    15 bucks any takers?
  19. bpoke

    Tyrik Rollison

    I see that he signed with auburn. so does that mean that he did get his grades up or does anyone know what happened with all that?