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  1. Oshoe

    Roland had a great game

    Deserves his own thread. Still has one more game but ran tough in a year that must have been one of the hardest in his life. Respect.
  2. Oshoe

    Gundy's sideline demeanor

    nobody cares? Yeah that's what I thought.
  3. Oshoe

    Looks like Randle stole some carries early...

    but his fingers weren't sticky enough.
  4. Oshoe

    Worst possible season...

    Hear me out. If we tanked the season Ford is gone and I think our program is in a much better direction for the future. If we played well, top 3 big 12 finish maybe we make a sweet 16 and I get to enjoy some success. Instead they built you up with a big early season whipping of Memphis, maybe...
  5. Oshoe

    How many wins that feel like losses can you stand?

    Please think this through
  6. Oshoe

    Big 12 in NCAA tournament

    5 teams 3 wins. Big 12 had three losses to teams seeded lower than them. 3 teams that knocked off big 12 teams are also out. I heard it was a down year for the big 12 but this is really down.
  7. Oshoe

    Big Time freshman recruits and the NCAA tournament

    Interesting only one of rivals top 10 freshman won a game in the NCAA tournament. Not like this every year but it definately shows having one of the best freshmen in the country isn't a sure fire recipe for success...
  8. Oshoe

    Bracketology 3/11/13 OSU a 4 seed now, I think we hold at a 4 with one win the big 12 tourney. Ceiling would probably be a 3
  9. Oshoe

    Big 12 Men's BBall awards

    Being released at this link So far: 6:00 Sixth Man Award Tyrus McGee, Iowa State, G, Sr. 6:05 Defensive Player of the Year Jeff Withey, Kansas, C, Sr. 6:15 Newcomer of the Year Will...
  10. Oshoe

    @ West Virginia Prediction

    This game is going to be huge in that WV is an average team but this a long trip to Morgantown. I think this a game that will tell us a lot about the maturity of the team. Big emotional loss yesterday. They also have Murray at center who is load. If we handle our business I think this team...
  11. Oshoe

    Weeden, not looking good for his future in Cleveland

    I thought the norv turner higher was going to be the perfect fit for Weeden. I've heard they may be looking at getting a qb eary possibly laundry jones. I hope Weeden wins the job because the offense will be well suited for his strong arm. Coach Rob Chudzinski again declined to commit to...
  12. Oshoe

    Toston starting today

    For the jags, with MJD injured and on the last year of his contract and "back of the future" Jennings a bust, this a legit chance for Keith to lock down a roster spot.
  13. Oshoe

    OSU in College Fantasy Football

    My favorite draft guide with guys that do a really good job, had a college section in there. OSU has: Randle as #4 runningback T. Moore as #20 Wide reciever Sharp as #1 Kicker OSU Defense as #12 defense Pretty awesome to see my pokes represented.
  14. Oshoe

    "Game of the Century"

    Was the billing for the lsu vs bama game earlier this year. If it really is a foregone conclusion that they will play again then that may actually be the most unimportant #1 vs #2 matchup in the history of college football. Obviously in hindsight that was pure media hype machine billing.
  15. Oshoe

    OSU's kicking game

    With Dan Bailey being such a consistent force for the last few years. Hitting a game winning field goal in overtime today making it 24 straight for him in the NFL. Now, Quin Sharp sharp being the do it all kicker (despite his laps friday) Who's next as our kicker and can we expect the...
  16. Oshoe

    Dan Bailey

    Now punting. Things not looking so good for dallas.
  17. Oshoe

    Fact Alert

    Mizzou's last win vs OSU: Oct 8 2005 (Gundy's first year) Mizzou's last win in Columbia vs OSU: Oct 7 2000 (The year before pinkel came to mizzou) Pinkel vs Gundy: 1-3, Pinkel won the first and Gundy has won the last 3 meetings Pinkel vs top 10: 2-11, wins vs OU last year and vs KU in 2007...
  18. Oshoe

    A little perspective here.

    This is texas a&m football. This is no Oklahoma State. They have a program of pride and tradition and winning. I'm not just talking about winning games I mean championships. Winning That's right remember 1939, start of WW2, Big earthquake in, well maybe you remember it as the year...
  19. Oshoe

    DeAndre Daniels

    2011 5* sf/pf 6'8" #10 nationally per rivals Thought to be a ku/ut race with a ut lean. Played with our CG. Now considered an OSU lean per Doug gotlieb's dad (heavily connected California aau coach). A line up of Gulley/Dowell Page Nash Daniels Jurick/cobbins Bench of brown...
  20. Oshoe

    Funny truck drives into ditch

    Best part is the clothing of the clever couple