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    Food Addiction: Clinical Reality or Mythology

    Everyone has a food addiction. We are also addicted to H2O and O2. Remove any of those from a person's intake long enough, and they will perish. If we weren't addicted, we would be okay without food, H2O or O2.
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    Climate denying soon to be illegal?

    So, what if the energy companies decide they do not want to provide services and goods to NY and Cali going forward?
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    US to begin direct military action on the ground in Iraq and Syria

    Turn the whole ME to glass? That will work.
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    US to begin direct military action on the ground in Iraq and Syria

    Yet we share a space station with them. What is the real politics and goals behind these wars? Force a Holy War, or depopulation?
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    Adidas to offer financial help and design to High Schools who want to drop Native American Mascots

    Someday, many of the tribes won't be remembered. The only one wanting them really erased is the Federal Government so kids won't look up what happened to the natives.
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    The Problem Isn’t Guns Or White Men

    And why can't we remove the dangerous people from our society rather than create more laws that infringe on the freedoms of the decent people?
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    Homecoming prayers please

    If she is competent enough to be trusted with a vehicle and drive, she is competent enough to stand trial and face the consequences.
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    Store Clerks Justly Kill Armed Robbers [

    Now with a target on their backs, they appreciate not having to deal with an armed thug either. No need to send more customers to the lawyers (common lawyers making money off of thugs) since the lawyers (Obama) are putting a target on the police too these days.
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    Republican Debate---Who is Winning so Far? Best Overall?

    Of course, you live in a high CO2 state.
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    Benghazi hearings are strengthening Hilary's campaign

    There are plenty of broke laws she broke that hasn't been formally prosecuted. With a law to require enforcement and prosecution, those that refuse to do their jobs can also be held and charged in those crimes.
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    Benghazi hearings are strengthening Hilary's campaign

    With such a law if she isn't tried, and punished, then some small town could have the power to do it.
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    Benghazi hearings are strengthening Hilary's campaign

    Why can't we just have a law that states that all laws must be enforced and prosecuted, and failure to do so means an accomplice to the crime which can be prosecuted by neighboring or lower jurisdictions. Then small town Oklahoma would have the power to hold the Federal government accountable...
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    Armed Robber’s Family Complains He Was Shot Too Many Times

    That is how the Lone Ranger always took care of the bad guys.
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    Question of the Day???

    The media and courts didn't make a big deal when two bakeries owned by Muslims in Michigan refused to bake a wedding cake for a gay couple.
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    Question of the Day???

    Why do you never hear of Atheists protesting or criticizing Islam?
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    Armed Robber’s Family Complains He Was Shot Too Many Times

    Amen. Even with good shots that blew out the heart on a deer, I have seen them run 75 yards. In that same amount of time, a criminal could still react and kill you. It is better to take good clean shots and as many as possible until you know for sure the threat is neutralized.
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    Wacky news of the day
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    Climate scientist paid himself and wife from Govt Grant

    Social Security is a separate area that has been robbed by congress. Debts to Social Security are among those that need repaid.