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  1. PolskaPoke

    2010 Schedule

    Does anyone have the dates for all the games next year in football, including non-conference and away games?
  2. PolskaPoke

    Flashing computer screen - Help!

    My computer screen keeps flashing. White with black vertical lines. It has a lot to do with what is shown on it. I don't think it's a virus since nothing has been picked up. It seems to do it for mostly white screens and screens that have a lot of colors. For example, I had a desktop...
  3. PolskaPoke

    Getting Desperate

    Hey guys. I graduated from OSU this summer with a BS in Biological Sciences and a double minor in Political Science and Middle East Studies. I've been applying for jobs all over the internet and newspapers, as well as working what network I have (mostly just friends and family). I've...
  4. PolskaPoke

    Urgent Help Needed for OSU Student! (Please Sticky)

    Hello all, Rina is a student who goes to Oklahoma State. She's a very sweet girl with a very real problem - she's been diagnosed with cancer and her last best hope is a bone marrow transplant. Unfortunately, she's not a US citizen and thus cannot get any government aid from our government...