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    Baylor at KSU

    This Thursday in Manhattan. Baylor has a freshman QB and that will likely limit some of their offensive play calling. Any chance the Wildcat Nation rises up and puts a pop knot on the fighting Baptists?
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    Baylor QB out for remainder of season

    Did I hear this correctly?
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    Gators QB suspended for season

    Don't have all the details but apparently he tested positive for performance enhancing drugs. This is going to throw the SEC in a circle...
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    New Mexico Pronghorn hunt

    Hunted a ranch between Raton and Clayton. Big, wide country and hard to hunt. Shots of 450+ are the norm. Saw some really big bucks and there are lots of them out there. No goat for me this year burt did meet this little fellow on the road. We had a short discussion on who actually had...
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    O'Reilly on race relations

    I'm not a big O'Reilly fan but I will give him full credit for speaking out in a forceful and emotional tone. Please watch.
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    Big, really big building in China

    I'm not sure I can really get my head around how big this building really is. Video below...
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    Gun safety ad-funny

    Not what you would expect to see regarding gun safety. I would recommend you put down what you are drinking before watching this. For those who have seen it, enjoy it again.
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    This short video (an ad for an upcoming documentary) holds the key to Israel's survival as a nation back in May 1948. The Arab nations were within 10 miles of Tel Aviv, with a 10,000 man force, ready to totally destroy the new country of Israel. All that stood in the way were four Messerschmitt...
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    Really great pictures from the 1860’s and 70’s in Western US.

    Some really good photos from the back half of the 1800's. Enjoy.
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    Very good video

    Not political but certainly newsworthy and inspiring. Enjoy.
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    Big XII in the Tournament

    We had the best conference, top to bottom and have been bitch slapped all day long.
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    Great video

    This may be the single best video I've ever watched online. Enjoy. The Rijksmuseum museum in Holland had an idea: Let's bring art to the people and then, hopefully, they will come to See more - at the museum. They took one Rembrandt painting from 1642, "Night Watch," brought to life the...
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    Learning to reload

    I believe there are some here who are either new to rifle and pistol handloading. I just finished a book that, I believe, is an excellent resource for new loaders and for those of us who want to continue to learn. I had a takeaway from each chapter that I was unaware of or had not paid...
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    German miniature railroad-This is Awesome

    This is really cool. Enjoy.
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    Congratulations to TCU

    Congrats to the Horned Frogs. A full curb stomping of the Cowboys today and it could have been worse. They have a very good football team that is pretty well coached and they are getting lots of love right now from the media. It'll be interesting to see how they perform the remainder of the...
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    Ole Miss spanking the Aggies

    Damn, Ole Miss looks good in all phases of the game and is taking A&M to the woodshed. 21-0 at half and it's not that close.
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    Cool video taken from Jet Blue airliner

    this is really good.
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    Wyoming Mule Deer / Pronghorn hunt

    Just got back from Saratoga, WY where we hunted the Elk Mountain region. This is what I brought home with me... 31" spread and,
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    Sacred Ground and a small boy

    Maybe the most moving video I've ever watched. Enjoy and be proud.
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    Good beer commercial

    Just in case you haven't seen it. Enjoy. Beer Commercial Reminds Us To Always Remember The Troops