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  1. Chairman of the Board

    MLB Draft A lot of familiar opponents getting drafted. Didn’t see anything OSU related, now or future. But I’m no recruiting expert, and it’s very early.
  2. Chairman of the Board

    Big 12 Tournament

    First up is KU vs WVU. KU has a slim shot to get in the NCAA tournament, but likely needs to win the whole thing. WVU leads 9-3 in the 4th, so not good for the Jayhawks. WVU is going to be very dangerous in a regional.
  3. Chairman of the Board

    OSU v Baylor

    Big Joe getting the start tonight. Good move—that way Jensen and Parker are on normal rest.
  4. Chairman of the Board

    Bedlam Baseball--minimal TV coverage

    According to the OSU press release, Friday and Saturday's games are only available on OU's subscription website. Sunday's game is on FOX OK. I'll be at both games so it doesn't bother me, but still seems weird, like they should all three be on TV.
  5. Chairman of the Board

    ORU game cancelled

    All three attempts to play them were rained out. Next, at #2 Oregon State.
  6. Chairman of the Board

    OSU at Texas Tech

    Top 1 OSU has 2nd and 3rd with 1 out. Just had Morrill thrown out at the plate.
  7. Chairman of the Board

    ORU at OSU cancelled

    Although frustrating, probably for the best. ORU is 200+ in RPI. We have a huge series at TTU coming up and it will be nice to have fresh arms.
  8. Chairman of the Board

    Texas baseball at OSU

    Tonight at 7 on FS1 Tomorrow is on Fox Sports Plus Saturday is on ESPNU Texas is a light hitting team (.249 team average) and good, but not great on the mound. Found this funny in the press release about their pitching rotation: " Thursday: RHP Bryce Elder — Sophomore is 6-1 with a...
  9. Chairman of the Board

    Baseball @ KU

    Looks like the games are on ESPN+ KU is starting Ryan Cyr RHP 2-3 5.32 ERA and I'm assuming we're starting Jensen Elliot 3-2 4.08 ERA This would be a great weekend to get some confidence with the bats and get our Friday and Saturday starters back on track. Road sweeps aren't easy, but this...
  10. Chairman of the Board

    Baseball v Central Ark

    Logan Gragg on the bump. This has not been an easy game for us in the past.
  11. Chairman of the Board

    Tuesday Bedlam baseball

    Starts in 20 minutes CJ Varela starts for OSU
  12. Chairman of the Board

    OSU baseball at DodgerTown Classic

    OSU v USC tonight. USC enters at 4-7
  13. Chairman of the Board

    OSU at Baylor

    Down 10-2 early
  14. Chairman of the Board

    OSU vs Iowa baseball

    Game 1-- 0-0 after 1. Looks like we are using instant replay. Although they got the first use of it wrong.
  15. Chairman of the Board

    Baseball vs UALR

    CJ Varela on the mound. Nice DP started by Funk ends the first.
  16. Chairman of the Board

    Baseball season opener VS UTRGV

    Still 4 hours away but I’m excited to see the 2019 Cowboys. Two big keys for me for this team are: 1) staying healthy on the mound 2) cutting down strikeouts OSU will have Jensen Elliott on the mound and the Vaqueros will have RHP Chase Adams — Senior was 5-5 with a 4.97 ERA in 13 starts...
  17. Chairman of the Board

    Kolar announced his new school

    And it’s in conference