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  1. OSU79

    Pete Buttigieg "disturbed" by Aborted "remains" found in garage.

    That is horribly wrong and insensitive. It had to be said, but still wrong.
  2. OSU79

    Iran fires cruise missiles

    I'm taking the Saudis and the points. Never bet against a blue blood getting points from an upstart regime.
  3. OSU79

    Dumb/Sometimes LOL Political Pictures

    So you're saying one is and one isn't?
  4. OSU79

    Texas forced the LSU band to sit in the nosebleed seats

    I noticed TU put our band in the nosebleeds. Fortunately, in their stadium it was only about 30 rows off the field.
  5. OSU79

    KTLA: California Law Would Allow College Athletes to Be Paid

    FYI (everyone, not pointing fingers), Nash ended up serving 20+ years in the military. He used to play a little basketball with us when he was home on leave in the early '90s. Was still quick, couldn't shoot a lick (contrary to his own opinions).
  6. OSU79

    18 yr old woman arrested for threatening to shoot up McAlester Schools

    I'm no expert, but my guess? Not good.
  7. OSU79

    2020 MBB General Recruiting Thread

    What about the rest of us elders?
  8. OSU79

    Kickoff Time at Texas- Sept. 21

    Tickets bought, AirBnB booked. Go Pokes!
  9. OSU79

    Tweet of the Day

    Perfect strike from the top of the mound! Many throwing out a ceremonial first pitch stand in front of the mound. Also, because the Secret Service didn't really want him out there, W was reportedly wearing a 40 lbs flak jacket under his windbreaker. Hell of a toss under the conditions.
  10. OSU79

    Beto: Living Near Work Is A "Right For Everyone"

    Well...................................... ....................... yeah
  11. OSU79

    Beto: Living Near Work Is A "Right For Everyone"

    I commute 4 minutes to the golf course almost every day. Sometimes i have to wait an extra 10-12 seconds to turn right at the stoplight. Waiting for the left turn arrow on the way home can be excruciating. I think I'll text Beto and see if he can legislate a little relief my way. Oops. It'll...
  12. OSU79

    15 Year Member

    About 6 weeks short of 10 years.
  13. OSU79

    Dumb/Sometimes LOL Political Pictures

    Aaaaahaaaaa! I finally understand the UBI!
  14. OSU79

    Tweet of the Day

    Hey, he's gonna give you a thousand bucks a month for it! Forever!
  15. OSU79

    The Universe

    Well, I guess we now know who got laid last night.
  16. OSU79

    Official Game Thread: Oklahoma State vs. Oregon State

    Sanders was changing planes on his way home?
  17. OSU79

    Dumb/Sometimes LOL Political Pictures

    Needs a mansiere.
  18. OSU79


    That's racist. Your white privilege is showing. You are white, aren't you?
  19. OSU79

    Bye Bye Trade War? China Plans $1 Trillion Buying Spree to Reduce US Trade Deficit

    Who in the hell holds all of China's debt? All we've heard about for the past 20+ years is how much of our debt China holds. Sounds like the ultimate Ponzi scheme. Maybe all nations could forgive the debt of all other nations and we'll just start over.